Interested in Custom EDC Knives?


Knives are amongst the most useful tools on the planet, which is why many people choose to carry one with them everyday. Everyday carry or EDC knives are versatile tools that can be used to perform any number of day to day tasks. Whether you need to open a package, sharpen a pencil, or any other jobs that could be accomplished with a blade, you will be happy to know that you have a good knife by your side. If you are looking for custom EDC knives, there are a lot of options available at The Knife Connection.

The Knife Connection is one of the largest knife retailers in the nation. They grew from a small family owned business into what they are today by offering both incredible products and top notch customer service. Whether you are looking for custom EDC knives or some useful survival gear for your next camping trip, they will have something for you in stock.

When it comes to choosing an EDC knife, there are a lot of options. Basically the only thing that makes a knife an EDC knife is whether or not someone is carrying it with them everyday. This means that anything from the smallest pen knife to a machete could fit the definition. Despite this fact, the most common EDC knives are the options that offer the most utility.

Without a doubt the most common EDC option is a folding knife. Pocket knives are useful because they are extremely compact and easy to carry. Many models come with a pocket clip that makes them easy to carry and draw as needed. Pocket knives come in all shapes and sizes and there are many models like multitools and Swiss Army Knives that provide extra utility beyond what a simple blade can provide. Despite how useful these knives can be, fixed blade knives are always a more secure option for tackling hard tasks.

Fixed blade knives are obviously going to be far stronger than their folding counterparts. A fixed blade knife can handle chopping forces and impacts that might cause a folder to fail. This is why many people who regularly encounter tough tasks in their day to day life choose to carry a fixed blade EDC knife. If you want to carry a fixed blade knife as your EDC, then The Knife Connection has a great selection of options.

The Knife Connection’s exclusive Knife Builder Tool gives their customers the ability to build their own high quality custom knives. The process is simple and begins with choosing an available knife model from knife makers such as ESEE Knives, the Ontario Knife Company, and The Knife Connection’s own Architect Knives. Once you have picked the model you would like to use as an EDC knife, you will be able to choose the blade finish and the handle color of your knife. After you have selected these options, you will be able to choose a sheath system along with any additional accessories that you would like to have included with your new knife.

If you are ready to build your own custom EDC knives, then the Knife Builder tool is extremely easy and fun to use. Once you have put together the perfect knife package for you, the team at The Knife Connection will put your new knife together and send it out to you so you can continue to enjoy it for years to come. If you have any questions about the Knife Builder or any of the products carried by The Knife Connection, you can reach one of their knife experts by sending an email to

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