Interactive post Videos


Easily create interactive post videos that transform directly from your videos. The customer’s interaction in the video takes place in a panel next to the video player, and the thumbnails of related services, information, or products scroll according to the video’s features. You can touch a thumbnail to connect directly to a service, add an item to your cart for immediate purchase, or connect to the website for more information.

A visual summary of all offers is displayed at the end of the video to encourage action. Customers have another option to touch the desired item. Such practical and tangible experiences increase customer loyalty and conversions.

Interactive post video behavior

To see an interactive post buyable movie in action, click on a live demo, go to the buyable media header on the page, then click a movie to buy.

It uses the product when playing the video, so you can see the same product as a thumbnail on the right.

Click a thumbnail to pause the video and open a quick product view. For example, you can click the Cinema8 thumbnail in the video to see the blender rotated 360 degrees, or zoom in to see the blender details.

See how interactive post movies are made

Follow the step-by-step instructions to create an interactive post movie. (7:30) Video for Watching is marked in the Asset on Demand, but the policies and procedures also apply to interactive post video in the Adobe Experience Manager Asset.

Quick Start: Interactive post Movie

The following step-by-step instructions will help you get started quickly and run interactive post movies on dynamic media.

Add interactivity to your video

Use the visual editor on the page on the Create Interactive post Movie page to add a timeline segment to your movie.

After adding the timeline segments, add thumbnails in each segment. Do the action for each added thumbnail. For example, you can apply a quick view to a thumbnail or assign a hyperlink or experience element to the thumbnail.

After capturing interactive post video, you will be previewed immediately. From there, you can select a preset for your interactive post video viewer and play the video to get a rough idea of ​​what your customers will see.