Instagram Wall To Improve Your Marketing Efforts


We all know that using social media is a great way of promoting a brand or organization. As it only enhances the selling figures, but also instills a sense of community. 

Amongst all the social media platforms, Instagram seems to be most loved by the users. If you aren’t convinced, consider this stat: 70% of the people use Instagram to discover products that they can incorporate into their lives. Interesting much?

Moreover, content created on Instagram has the power to influence the minds of the people greatly. Leveraging it for marketing purposes can do a lot more than actually thought of. 

One of the best ways to do so is using digital signage. This tool can help you communicate brand messages visually, while Instagram is predominantly a visual-heavy platform – Meaning they both compliment each other well. 

To know how you can display Instagram wall for improving your marketing, keep reading. 

What Is An Instagram Wall?

An Instagram wall is an aggregation of all the content created on the platform related to the brand, which gets updated in real-time. 

The content is typically aggregated using a aggregator tool designed specially for social wall like Taggbox Display, Everwall and others. 

By leveraging them your display grid can be customized to include multiple social channels, to pull in content with brand-exclusive hashtags, handles, etc. 

By displaying Instagram wall on your marketing touchpoints, you can attract the attention of your spectators, keep them engaged, and enhance brand awareness. 

How Can You Display Instagram Wall For Improving Your Marketing?

  1. Showcase User-Generated Content To Build Trust

Showcasing user-generated content on the Instagram wall is the best bet to gather mass attention and make prospects aware of past users’ experience with your brand. 

When they come across people like them, speaking of their experience with the brand – they will be interested to know more about you, while a subtle trust will be developed in their minds already. 

This content will serve as social proof and easily keep your spectators’ attention held on the screen.

  1. Use It To Make Important Announcements

Use the Instagram wall to make important announcements to the public at large. This is especially effective for digital displays in-store or at other places where the public gather at large. 

If you have any ongoing discounts, or any new store opening, share it with your Instagram audience first and then share it with a larger audience, to gather attention and footfall.

  1. Update About Major Milestones 

Celebrate your major milestones by featuring them on Instagram walls. It not only keeps the audience updated about what your brand is upto, but also fosters a sense of belonging among them. 

Community building is an important aspect of growing your business, note that!

  1. Feature Contests & Giveaways

Brands keep organizing contests and giveaways to attract their audience’s attention and to also aim at capturing a larger demographic of audience. 

Showcase the content generated by contests and giveaways held on Instagram to generate excitement and amplify the viewers viewing experience. 

  1. Behind The Scenes

Showcasing behind-the-scenes of your brand is another amazing way of garnering audiences’ attention. 

It adds an element of fun and kickstarts interactions between the audiences. Further, it also makes your brand appear more relatable and relevant.

  1. Showcase The Services Provided

You can display the kind of services that you provide in a comprehensive and interesting manner to win exponential reach and ignite the interest of the audience in your brand. 

This is one of the most promising ways of increasing sales and revenue while still not looking like a hard salesman.

  1. Feature Your Recent Work

Display all the recent work done by you. It may include all the projects you’ve undertaken, strategic partnerships closed, corporate social responsibility acts, etc.

This is a fool-proof way of gathering the attention of the audience, building trust and making them want to know more about your business. 

Over To You

Instagram wall is the new age, promising marketing strategy everybody seems to be trying their hands on. And be it, for it effectively promotes the brand, while still adding a human touch to it. 

Moreover, if you have been confused with respect to what content can you showcase on an Instagram wall, hope this blog gives you insights. And now you can actually plan your Instagram content as you want your Instagram wall to look like.