Reasons Indoor Comfort Services Insist on Cleaning the Air Ducts

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Air ducts are a part of the ventilation system that circulates air coming from the HVAC system to the entire house. There are two kinds of air ducts; one that supplies hot and cold air to the house and the other that sends the used air out. The indoor comfort services company insists on keeping these ducts clean.

Reasons Indoor Comfort Services Give for Air Duct Cleaning

There are many reasons why HVAC companies insist on hiring their services for air duct cleaning. When the HVAC company staff visit a house, the emphasis on air duct cleaning becomes persistent because of the presence of pets, and the occupants have asthma or allergies. Whatever the situation, below are the four reasons you need to hire an air duct cleaning service.

Decreasing the Risk of Dust Build Up

Dust and dirt can easily build up inside the ducts because of the pollution and dust outside. These ducts prevent dirt from entering the rooms by gathering inside the vents. But when the air ducts are cleaned, it will prevent dust from building up.

Reducing Spread of Allergies

Pollen, mold, and dampness are the three main reasons people start to have allergies. They develop in the ducts of the HVAC system, causing allergies and sometimes breathing issues like asthma. But keeping the air ducts clean, you can reduce the spread of dampness, molds, and pollen.

Improving the Quality of Air Inside House

As mentioned above, cleaning the air ducts by Atlanta AC repair companies will reduce the spread of dust and allergens in the house. The cleaning will improve the quality of air inside the house and keep the occupants healthy and free from illnesses.

Increase the Efficiency of HVAC Unit

The dirty air ducts are clogged with dust piled up if they are not cleaned for a long time. This will make the HVAC work harder and increase the energy bills. You can avoid this situation and increase the efficacy of the HVAC units by keeping the air ducts clean.

What is the Air Dust Cleaning Process?

There is a systematic process by which the AC repairing companies clean the air ducts. The maintenance staff of HVAC companies like Indoor Comfort Solutions uses specific techniques and tools to clean the ducts and vents of the ventilation system effectively.

Proper Inspection of the System

Many people wonder why the maintenance staff of AC cleaning companies first inspect the air ducts. Why can’t they start the cleaning? The reason for inspecting the system is to know the intensity of cleaning needed.

Sealing the Vents

The vents leading to the rooms have to be sealed; so that dust doesn’t enter the house and make it dirty. Dust is not the only contamination that can damage the house; mold, pollen, and smaller dirt particles can reach inside the house.

Covering the HVAC System

The pipes leading to the outdoor and indoor units of the HVAC have to be covered with metal or plastic caps. The HVAC has to be covered; so that dirt, pollen, and mold doesn’t reach the inner part of the air conditioner, heat pump, or furnace.

Cleaning Dirt With A Compressor and Vacuum

The HVAC companies are equipped with a special tool known as the compressor. It is powerful enough to blow away dirt, molds, and pollen. The compressor pushes these three contaminations towards one side, and then a vacuum is used to gather them.

Vital Pints You Should Know Before Air Duct Cleaning

Before hiring indoor comfort services for air duct cleaning, you must know two main points. These include;

  1. The air duct cleaning will decrease the spread of molds, pollen, and dirt, improving indoor air quality. This will prevent allergies and breathing problems from developing.
  2. Homeowners should make it a point to have the air ducts cleaned every three to five years.

Homeowners should know why air ducts have to be cleaned and the right process that HVAC companies undergo.

Below are questions that will further increase your knowledge about air ducts and their cleaning.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of ducts?

The air ducts are an important part of the ventilation system of HVAC that circulates hot or cold air throughout the house. They also ventilate the housekeeping the environment of the house comfortable.

What happens if air ducts are not cleaned?

If you forget to hire indoor comfort services, the air ducts, mold, mildew, pollen, and dirt will start to gather. This will make the air quality inside the house bad and might increase breathing problems and allergies.

How often should HVAC ductwork be cleaned?

HVAC experts have recommended cleaning the air ducts every two to four years; so that health issues can be avoided and the HVAC system runs smoothly.