Include a cover letter with my resume to apply for job


In this article find out the answer to the question, “Do I need a Cover Letter?”. The truth is that this question doesn’t have a simple yes or no answer. To answer this question we will explore some important aspects of writing a cover letter and expand on some questions which as a whole will explain the role a well crafted Cover letter plays in an individual’s selection. We also will shed light on what value a targeted Cover letter  brings to a resume.

The topics discussed in this article are :

  • Are Cover Letters necessary?
  • Does anyone even read a Cover Letter
  • Cover Letter Templates
  • Cover Letter Examples

Are Cover Letters necessary?

For all the smart alecks out there, No, a cover letter is not required to apply for a job. That however doesn’t mean that Cover Letters are not considered during the selection process or that the absence of one isn’t noticed. Although not mandatory, Cover Letters do increase the chances for employment.

On average 26% of recruiters read cover letters and take them into account whilst making their decision. 56% of recruiters expect applicants to attach a Cover Letter with their Resumes. Additionally, researchers found that 49% of HR managers believe that Cover Letters give a significant boost to an applicant’s application.

In conclusion, in today’s job market competition is high and applicants must take advantage of any and all  opportunities that give them an edge. One of the best ways of doing this is by crafting a well crafted Cover Letter. 

Many resume online services provide Cover Letter building tools. An example of this is My Resume Lift. Along with guides, My Resume Lift also provides users with many Cover Letter Examples and Templates.

Does anyone even read a Cover Letter?

The job market today is hard to compete in. Consequently HR offices are filled to the brim with resumes. The last thing an HR Manager wants to do is go through all of them one by one looking for something that might interest them. So, put yourself in their shoes. Which one would you prefer? To meticulously go through thousands of Resumes or to read a few paragraphs of an attached Cover Letter which lists everything they are looking for?

Simply put, not only are Cover Letters read but Resumes with Cover Letters get preference over those without one.

Cover Letter Templates

It is common practice in HR offices to use resume filtering softwares. These pick and choose from the most qualified of applications to be passed along for selection. 

Something as simple as improper formatting can lead to these softwares disqualifying your resume from selection. 

Using Cover Letter Templates is an easy way of getting around this issue. Cover Letter Templates are documents. They use a “fill in the blank” strategy to help in making Cover Letters. 

In short, Not only are these an easy way to craft a decent targeted Cover Letter but they also eliminate the risk of being disqualified for formatting errors.

Finally, Cover Letter Templates allow applicants to create more than one Targeted Cover Letters in a short period of time. In contrast to creating a Cover Letter from scratch every time, which may run the risk of formatting errors. 

For more information regarding Cover Letter Templates, Cover Letter Examples etc visit My Resume Lift. A one stop shop for all your resume needs.

Cover Letter Examples

These are examples from industry professionals that an applicant can study to get a better idea of what their cover letter should look like. 

Cover Letter Examples are great for applicants because they tell them 

What the formatting of their cover letter should be like 

What specifics will the recruiters be looking for in an employees Cover Letter 

Moreover Cover Letter Examples are a great tool for applicants to get inspiration from whilst forming their Cover Letters. 

I think this goes without saying but Cover Letter Examples are guidelines not cheat sheets. So, don’t copy straight from an example and just put your name on it but try and see what makes the examples create value and emulate that into their own cover letters.

If I were to make an attached Cover Letter along with My Resume

Finally, let’s talk about the structure of a Cover Letter.

For the most part, all Cover Letters follow the same structure. The devil, however, lies in the details. Therefore, concentrate while making a Cover Letter. 

If I were to make my resume Cover Letter, it would probably have a structure like this.


Information for the recruiter about your contact information if they want to reach you. Name, Address, Phone Number, Email Address, LinkedInn.  


Make a personable Greeting and address the Recruiter by name. No real rules here except one, “Do not use ‘To whom it may concern’”. It is very off putting and shows indifference towards the job.


Touch on the most noteworthy of your achievements that will sure impress the recruiter. 


Firstly, Go into detail about your work and achievements. Secondly, Expand on how you were able to complete the tasks that were asked of you previously. Thirdly, Explain how you would bring value to the company and if you saw any areas of improvements that you can work on in the company.  

Closer (Call to action) 

Finally, this is the ending of the Cover Letter. Show familiarity and amicable personality and finish it off with a show of eagerness towards an interview and follow up.