Important Questions Answered Of End Of Tenancy Cleaning Guildford

End of tenancy cleaning Guildford

End of tenancy cleaning Guildford is the type of cleaning performed after a tenant vacates a rented property. This can be done by either the landlord or the tenant.

This is an important End of tenancy cleaning task that must be completed before a new renter moves in. This is also the most common reason for deposit disputes between tenants and landlords at the end of a lease. In basic terms, it ensures that the property is immaculate and disinfected prior to the arrival of new tenants.

As a tenant, it is your obligation that you should carefully read your rental agreement because an end-of-tenancy clean will almost certainly be required before you can recover your deposit.

Impact Cleaners is a cleaning company that specialises in all elements of cleaning and can assist you with your commercial or residential end-of-tenancy cleaning needs. We work with a lot of landlords and estate agents who provide this service directly. So we know how to meet the standards set in order for you to get your deposit back without any problems.

What Is Included In An End-Of-Tenancy Cleaning?

The following items are included in an end-of-tenancy cleaning:

1. Items such as the front door, skirting boards, walls, ceiling, limescale on tiles, and taps should all be cleaned, disinfected, and dusted.

2. Deep-cleaning appliances include ovens and stovetops, microwaves, refrigerators, and other such items.

3. Carpet cleaning includes shampooing and deep cleaning all carpets in the property.

4. Blinds and drapes needs cleaning or washing on a regular basis.

5. Cleaning and sanitising furniture such as cabinets, bookcases, shelves, bed frames, and other similar objects

6. Pull out all furniture and heavy appliances to clean all dust, debris, and stains with a thorough vacuum and mop.

7. Because of the great danger of illness, thorough cleaning of the kitchen and bathroom is essential.

8. Clean the windows both inside and out, making sure they are gleaming and smear-free.

Is it legal for landlords to charge a cleaning fee?

The most obvious deductions from security deposits are cleaning fees. The property need to be in the same condition it was in the beginning, as mention in the tenancy contract.

If you have been carefully cleaning the home before moving out as a tenant, the landlord should not require you to pay the whole cost of a professional cleaning service.

Is professional cleaning required at the end of my tenancy?

There’s no reason why you cannot clean yourself as a tenant. You can clean your own home. But you may run into difficulties when it comes to carpet and upholstery cleaning.

Before you begin a comprehensive cleaning, review your leasing agreement to determine what you need to do. In some situations, professional cleaning of carpets, furniture, or even curtains needs cleaning.

Your landlord or estate agent may also need a cleaning receipt from a professional cleaning firm to ensure that everything is in order.

How to choose the best end-of-lease cleaning service?

There are a lot of cleaning companies these days, but how do you choose the best one? As a result, we have put together some points to help you choose the top end-of-lease cleaning services in Guildford.

Get Recommendations from Family and Friends

Obtaining referrals from your relatives, whether family or friends, is one of the simplest ways to locate an end-of-lease cleaning company. Referrals are a true reflection of a company’s performance. Companies can present themselves and their services in a positive way, but referrals from friends and family might paint a different picture.

Reviews on the internet

Reviews are now the most effective approach to assess the quality of a company’s work. Are they meeting the needs of their customers?

Reviews on the internet can disclose a lot. However, keep in mind that if a company has just negative ratings, you should remove them from your list. However, if a company has high positive evaluations and a few negative ones, it is average.

Moreover, be wary of 100% favourable evaluations, as no one is flawless. When looking for cleaners, do your homework.

Learn about their qualifications and experience

Learn about their prior work experience and the years of working. Inquire about images of past projects and how they handled any issues that arose.

If they are reliable, checking in for previous accreditation might increase your trust. Many of these businesses have a negative reputation yet reopen under different names. As a result, requesting previous accreditation is a reasonable request.

Never be afraid to have more than two choices.

You do not have to hire an end-of-lease company just because you like them. When it comes to cleaning, it’s always best to have options. Visit three or four businesses, do interviews with them, and learn more about them and their previous work. Then determine the companies you want to work with.


Nobody is perfect, and difficulties are sure to arise at some point. Now you must determine whether the firm you selected can afford to reimburse you if any damage occurs during the end-of-lease cleaning period.

Final Thoughts!

When you engage a professional end-of-lease cleaning business, you should always be prepared. Prior to their interview, you must know what questions to ask. Because both parties are working together, don’t be afraid to inquire about their working procedures, payment rates, and how viable their services are.