IFGICT landed in Brazil “Great Step towards ICT Standard in Latin America”


The IFGICT announced officially the land of the International Federation of Global & Green ICT “The ICT Standard” in Brazil through The Innovation Hub of the Fluminense Federal Institute, a unit of EMBRAPII (Brazilian Association for Industrial Research and Innovation)    for the first time in the history of Latin America.

“Such Step would lead to expand the IFGICT cross Latin America starting from Brazil as our official hub in the content” Dr.Kayyali, President of IFGICT mentioned.

Mr. Rogerio Atem de Carvalho, Manager of The Innovation Hub of the Fluminense Federal Institute mentioned, the institute was created in 2007 to support the Institute’s research activities in the environmental area. From 2015 onwards, it also became an accredited unit of EMBRAPII (Brazilian Association for Industrial Research and Innovation) for Clean Tech. With a smart campus located in the city of Campos dos Goytacazes, north of Rio de Janeiro state, the unit is a multi-user center dedicated to research, development, and innovation in cooperation with companies, as well as technology extension projects with urban and rural communities. Its competence in the area of innovation for sustainability has already been recognized by both Unevoc/Unesco and ECLAC/UN. In order to develop innovative solutions for Sustainability, it combines transversal competences in Aerospace, Chemical, Computing, Electronics, Electrical, and Mechanical areas.

IFGICT running many activities cross many countries, such as Green ICT Standard / ICT Standard, the only standard for execution level, in addition to Green IT Professional and Strategic IT Professional Certifications and Certified Service provider and Product Provider to companies who produce and conduct products or services using technology and industries, and finally the www.ISCICT.org Int. Summit Conference on ICT which should be held in Madrid by 2020, March. IFGICT invite companies, organizations and individuals to join IFGICT.

IFGICT is an independent organization created takes the lead and set industry standards for the talent development profession in ICT and business technology. IFGICT is a international supplier of the highest quality certification and examination services in a variety of global standards and best practice frameworks in the business technology and Information Technology domains.

IFGICT is a not for profit registered federation in US and shortlisted by UN as a Certified Service Provider for the provision of consultancy, training and implementation of efficient technology in the information and communication technology sector.

IFGICT’s vision to award internationally recognized, most excellent credentials for ICT and business technology development professionals wide-reaching.

IFGICT & KSF Space mission

As environmental impacts of human activity make resource management more and more complex and as, at the same time, our understanding of complex natural processes increases, our need for critical information layers at appropriate spatial and temporal scales and extents increases too

Not only lands but oceans also act as vital biospheres. Here, too, climate change poses a major threat. A considerable portion of the CO2 emitted into the atmosphere is absorbed by the seas.

The EOSS mission also will be mentored and accessible to IFGICT scientific community and members, the IFGICT “Int. federation of Global & Green ICT” is short listed service provider by CDM-Bazar under the UNFCCC, all data will be received from the EOSS mission can be given FREE of CHARGE to academics & research centers for the sake of climate change.

KSF Space will start a fund raising campaign dedicated to EOSS space mission, the EOSS “Earth Observation Small Satellite” should be scheduled for late 2019 targeting LEO as remote sensing R&D project, the funding campaign will be open to public and nations who are seeking to add a positive finger print to climate change.

With KSF Space Earth Observation Small Satellite (EOSS) mission, we will be able to know to what extent human activities have impacted the environment. This allows us to make recommendations to government agencies on approaches and measures that can be taken to protect the environment amidst expansion and development.

Global & Green ICT Standard IFGICT is a not for profit registered federation in US and shortlisted  by UNFCCC – CDM (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change – Clean Development Mechanism) as a Certified Service Provider for the provision of consultancy, training and implementation of energy efficient technology in the conformation and communication technology sector. The IFGICT provides two major professional certifications: Green IT Professional & Global / Strategic IT Professional.

The KSF Space was initially founded to enable cost-effective access to LEO & GEO with zero-environmental impact flying solutions, The foundation encourage universities to develop R&D missions using small Sats as these tiny spacecraft have become one of the most important elements in developing future scientific space missions.

KSF Space also recently announced the creation of the world’s first Nano-Satellite Engineering Professional Certification “NEP Certificate” The NEP Certification pathway will validate the training and experience of aerospace engineers and experts and will be recognized by major space companies, organizations, foundations and agencies.

More info about IFGICT Brazil, please reach out to:

Phone: +55-22-2737-5692 and +55-22-99833-9966 (Mobile)

Address: Rua Coronel Walter Kramer, 357 – Pq. Santo Antônio – Campos

dos Goytacazes, RJ – 28080-565, Brazil www.ifgict.org