Ido Fishman Talks about Major Platforms and Protocols that are and May Support NFTs in Future


As of now, the entire cryptocurrency sector seems to be moving on a dark path. If you are part of the cryptocurrency industry and prefer NFTs over other spaces, then unfortunately, your situation may be no different from the rest.

While the entire crypto-verse is being pushed more inside the bearish zone, the investors are worried what the future of the space is going to be. The supporters of every space within the crypto-verse are worried about the future of their respective sector.

Whether it is metaverse news, DeFi news, or NFT news, things are not looking good for the crypto-sector at all. If you are supporting either of the protocols, then don’t be worried at all as Ido Fishman may have a promising piece of information for you.

Support Coming in for NFTs

In the past, only the small-level or mediocre projects were seen supporting the non-fungible tokens. Now, this support is expanding and major companies and projects are coming into to support the non-fungible token industry.

According to Ido Fishman, NFTs will turn out to be one of the most promising and thriving sectors in the crypto-verse. Let us see which companies and protocols Ido Fishman has mentioned that are soon to launch their all-out support for NFTs.

ETH’s ‘Merge’ to Support NFTs

At present, the most traded cryptocurrency for the buying and selling of NFTs is none other than Ether. Even the majority of the NFT marketplaces are based on the Ethereumblockchain.

Unfortunately, the Ethereumblockchain is plagued with constant spikes in the gas price that has pushed out many users from the respective blockchin to other protocols.

As Ethereumblockchain implements its hard fork known as ‘Merge’, it will be able to address all such concerns. This would mean people will be able to create, buy, and sell NFTs at very low gas fees. This would help bring many investors back to the Ethereumblockchain bringing more investors to the NFT sector.

ShibaInu Wants to Go NFT

ShibaInu (SHIB), the second-largest meme coin in the entire cryptocurrency universe has found itself conflicted with lack of demand. It doesn’t have as many use cases as Dogecoin, which is largely being supported by Elon Musk.

It was predicted by many that SHIB will become worthless by 2030 if it doesn’t manage to gain much trust and support of the investors.

Therefore, ShibaInu has decided to launch its own NFT marketplace where it will be hosting its own as well as third-party NFTs. ShibaInu is aiming to attract more investors to its protocol with the integration of NFTs.


GameStop is currently one of the largest game retailers that found itself stuck between Robinhood and the investors back in April of 2021. GameStop received huge support from the cryptocurrency investors back in 2021 and now, the company wants to pay the favor back.

With aims of increasing its product portfolio, GameStop has announced the launch of a marketplace for NFTs. By doing this, GameStop is aiming to bring in mainstream investors towards NFTs.


You must already know about OpenSea, which ranks as the operator of the largest NFT market by trading volume. Although the platform is very convenient for the users, it aims to make things even more affordable for them.

OpenSea is in the process of migrating its protocol to a new network. This way, it will be able to reduce the transaction costs that are known as “gas” fees for the users.


A scaling platform for NFTs known as Immutable has vowed to provide its support to the investors by lunching a venture fund. Immutable has dedicated $500 million for the development of NFT-based projects.

It also aims to bring in more investors to make investments in the NFT sector. One of the major investors in NFTs is going to be TikTok.

With so many investors moving in to support NFTs, it is bound to grow at quite a significant rate.