Hubert Quentier lead his team as Premium360 celebrate new year at The Spa Koh Chang Resort, in Ko Chang, Thailand.


The Chang Koh Chang Resort has been serving health-conscious people worldwide for over 12 years. Their knowledge and experience can help you detoxify your body and mind. Not only with Dr. Fast’s Quick Cleansing Program, Richard Anderson’s Principles and Procedures as well as effective herbal cleansing and supplements to strengthen our intestines), but there are also many other supportive activities such as as yoga and meditation. Herbal steam, therapeutic massages, and healthy food.A group of people holding a bannerDescription automatically generated with medium confidence

Cleansing and detoxification mechanisms work best in the tranquil environment of Koh Chang.

The healing mechanism is based on the fasting principle of Dr. Richard Anderson, an alternative medicine physician from Nevada, USA. It starts when we stop eating and digesting food. The body goes into DETOX MODE and eliminates parasites, toxins and carcinogenic cells! These wastes are released into the bloodstream for excretion by the liver, colon, lungs, and skin with cleaning herbs and so many nutritious herbs that you won’t go hungry at all
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Koh Chang is one of the largest Thai islands in the Gulf of Thailand. There are dense, steep, dense forests. Koh Chang National Park is a conservation area with hiking trails and waterfalls such as Khlong Plu on several levels. It covers the interior and extends to the offshore coral reefs. The coast is full of beaches and villages. Including Bang Bao, built on the pier, Tha Nam Beach (also known as Tha Nam Beach) has a waterside party scene that attracts backpackers.

Hubert Quentier and his team at Premium360 were at The Spa Koh Chang Resort, in Ko Chang to celebrate the New Year which is often a regular event organized by Hubert to give every team of his company an opportunity to have fun, experience the amazing cultures and festival of the Thailand people.

Hubert’s company is overwhelmed by a large numbers of Thailand indigenes which proves that Hubert and his companies are loved valued and cherished with great esteem by all.

With the Support of the Thailand residents and indigenes, Hubert Bernard Quentier has established many successful businesses in the Thailand ranging from Pemium360, Sourcing360, Siamheavy, etc.,

which are all running smoothly with lots of annual turnovers worth his labor.

Hubert and His team also find a way of visiting the orphans, and poor kids with gifts from the products they sell at Premium360 which makes one of his best moments. 

His employees are of great thanks to their boss, Hubert, for always deeming it necessary to creating a                 free time for them for recreation and vacations despite the lined-up business schedules and activities.

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However, he appreciates the employees in return for always yielding and giving their best to the success of Premium360 and all is companies at large. He also promises to make available more opportunities in the coming years available to everyone by creating a far more flexible environment and workspace for everyone, also, he said vacation/recreation is of big necessity and importance during and after work as it does not contribute to slow growth if businesses but facilitates business growth, vacation has lots of benefits in increasing personnel performance and in turn leads to amazing business growth.

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All staff members of Premium360 at the event displays their joy, happiness in warm smiling faces and high spirit of celebration during a group photograph for another privilege to celebrate the new year at The Spa Koh Chang Resort, in Ko Chang.