How Web Design Works In Four Stages


Website design is done in four stages. Each stage of the process builds upon the first until you have a fully functioning website for your business. A Sacramento web design company follows these steps to create websites for their clients that will leave them with the key to their successful future.

Here is a glimpse into the four stages of web design.

Outline and Design

Step one is the framework for the website. Here creative designers will make a plan for the layout and overall design of the website. Each page will be meticulously designed to make sure each image and text will go. The programmers begin to code the functions of the website and get the basic design working before moving onto content.

Content and Navigation

Now that they have the framework done, the content is created. A Sacramento website Design Company will create any content that the company wants to put on the website. This step can be done by copywriters who work for the company or the website designer. Once content can be placed onto the site, navigation is created so visitors can travel from one page to the next.

Visuals and Colors

Now for a splash of color! This step isn’t easier than others, but it sure can be more fun. Photography, videos, and colors are added to create the overall look of the design. This will be the first things people notice when they visit your website. A functioning website is nothing if it doesn’t catch the eye. Now the website is complete! But wait! There’s another step.

Launch and Evaluate

Even with the website being done, the work isn’t over yet. Sacramento website design companies will then watch your website to make sure it’s working correctly. They will track visitors and make sure people aren’t leaving too quickly. If users are leaving the site after only a few minutes, this can be a sign that something isn’t working. Your design company will work to fix any issues to help you retain visitors long enough for them to be costumers.