How to Write Business Emails

How to Write Business Emails

It’s astonishing to think the first email was sent over 50 years ago, and despite how long ago that was, emails continue to be a vital tool for modern businesses.

However, not everyone knows how to write business emails that are effective, and this can lead to messages being ignored, or sometimes deleted before they’ve even been opened.

Happily, there is a way to get your emails noticed and ensure the sender pays attention to the content.

Read on to learn more about writing business emails.

Create an Intriguing Subject Line

One of the most overlooked business email tips is to make sure you write a compelling subject line. Your client may receive tens of emails every day, and you need to give them a reason to open your message. 

Think about why you are sending your customer the email, what value it will bring to them, and then summarize this into no more than 10 words to make it easy for people to see why your message is important.

Use an Appropriate Greeting

It’s crucial to use the correct pronoun when writing an email both to be professional and to avoid causing offense. If you send a lot of emails the chances are you use a distribution list and a program that automatically inserts customers’ names at the top of your message. 

Go through your contact list and make sure the details for your client’s names are up to date so that they appear correctly on your emails. When you’ve completed this process, you can then go about using your distribution list to maximum effect, and you can learn more about the best practices in this blog post.

Keep Your Writing Concise

When you write business emails, you should remember that your recipient may be short on time. If they see a long page of text, they may simply move on to the next email in their inbox.

Make sure every sentence you write has a purpose, and try to limit your message to no more than a few paragraphs to increase the chances of your client reading your email in full.

Include a Call to Action

You don’t want to waste your time writing business emails that don’t get the desired response, so you need to tell clients what it is that you want them to do. If you would like them to call you, then add your phone number in a prominent position and highlight it. 

Should you prefer a customer to visit your website, put in a link to make it easy for them to go through to your home page. This is a vital component of every email and can help clients understand what action they should take after reading your content. 

Now You Know How to Write Business Emails That Are Effective

When you know how to write business emails, you can look forward to much higher response rates. It’s essential to have an attention-grabbing subject line and to ensure you use the right greeting for each recipient. You should also keep your writing short and to the point, and having a call to action makes it more likely you will receive a reply. 

To ensure you get the best results, why not use these tips to create a business email guide to help you when writing messages to clients?

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