How to Write a Science Research Paper

How to Write a Science Research Paper

While only 37% of people enjoy taking science classes, 81% of students actually enjoy learning about science and related concepts. If you’re writing a research paper for school, it’s important to focus on the fact that you enjoy scientific concepts without dwelling too much on grades.

Still, doing well in school is also important, and you’ll need to learn how to write a science research paper to achieve your goals. Read on to learn how you can succeed throughout the research and writing processes.

Get Motivated

Before beginning the research process, it’s important that you find ways to motivate yourself. For many, this means looking into the achievements of others who have written research papers that lead them to success. For example, Peter Dodge Hanover Research is an awesome success story of those who enjoy research and have made money while doing it.

Use Google Scholar

If you haven’t heard of Google Scholar before, it’s an invaluable tool for those conducting any form of academic research. This specialized search engine only provides properly-cited and reputable academic essays after a query is made. It’s completely free and gives you a great place to begin the research process with credible and accurate information.

Gather Research Before Determining Content

Many students come up with points that they want to make in their papers prior to even beginning research. This is a bad idea since science requires research to back up claims. You can’t wrangle evidence into looking the way that you want it to.

Use Google Scholar to find articles that make claims about your topic. Use the research to figure out what you want the content to look like. This helps you to make more accurate claims and makes the process of writing much simpler.

Create an Outline

Outlining your papers is important because it saves time in the long run. Type out your claims and copy/paste relevant evidence beside each claim. You will go back and organically incorporate the evidence later (cutting down unnecessary parts of quotes, etc).

You then can type out a short bulleted list explaining each point. Type the impact of each piece of your evidence on your overall claim. Your outline will be comprehensive and readable if you use this claim → support → explain → impact format, so you’ll be able to synthesize points later.

Know How to Cite Sources

Citation is extremely important when writing a science research paper so that you can avoid accidental plagiarism. Most scientific research is cited in the American Psychological Association (APA) format, though some professors and teachers may have their own requirements. Learn about scientific formatting before submitting.

Beyond How to Write a Science Research Paper

Now that you know how to write a science research paper, it’s time to get more tips for getting ahead in your studies. Check out the “lifestyle” tab on our home page for more ways to become your healthiest and most successful self. You also may be interested in using our search function to find pieces on academics and writing tips.