How to Utilize Glitter Eyeliner For a Glamorous Look


Liquid eyeliner certainly not a new trend. Since the 1960s people have used liquid eyeliner to create beautiful looks that accentuate the eye. In recent years, glitter liquid eyeliner has become a new trend that has broken into the beauty industry. Many makeup artists and casual makeup wearers are utilizing glitter eyeliner to create gorgeous works of art that brighten the eye and make for an over glamorous, head-turning, look.

Glitter liquid liners are great because they can be worn in many different ways, whether it’s rose gold or shimmering silver. You can wear it as a second eyeliner running parallel to a black liquid eyeliner wing, which accentuates the black wing. You can also wear it as your only eyeliner for a glossy and elegant look. Below are some tips and tricks to help first-time liquid eyeliner users achieve a beautiful winged eyeliner.

Wash Your Face Gently
Before applying any makeup, whether it is eye makeup or face makeup like foundation or powder, it is important to wash your face with a gentle cleanser. Washing your face gets rid of any small amounts of dirt or debris that would otherwise be trapped under your makeup, making your makeup look bumpy or jagged. By washing your face, you will give yourself a nice clean canvas to lay your makeup on, which will you go a flawless, airbrushed look.

Moisturize and Prime
After you gently wash your face, it may feel a little bit dry. By washing your face you rid it of any dirt or debris, but you also strip your face of its natural oils which help keep the skin moisturized. Before applying any type of makeup, it is important to replenish your skin with a moisturizer and a makeup primer. This will give you a silky, clean canvas to work with that will allow your eyeliner to lay smoothly and beautifully on your eyelids.

Begin Applying Eyeliner
When you are ready to begin applying eyeliner, whenever that may be in your makeup routine, it is imperative to remember that liquid glitter eyeliner may require 2 layers to build up the glitter and create a stark line. Whether you would like your glitter liner to run parallel to a black eyeliner wing, or you would like just a glitter liquid eyeliner wing, be sure to add enough layers until it creates a beautiful and bright contrast.

In general, when applying winged liquid eyeliner, you should avoid having the wing connected to the outer corner of your eye. This is because the outer corner of your eye produces a lot of moisture and the eyeliner will smudge throughout its wear if it is connected to the corner.

Setting Spray
Using a quality setting spray will help lock in your beautiful makeup and help avoid smudges from sweat or other moisture. After you have completed your look, just hold the setting spray bottle about 4-6 inches away from your face and gently give a few spritzes. Allow a few seconds for the setting spray to dry and your look is complete!

Where to Find Glitter Eyeliner?
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