How to Translate a Website

How to Translate a Website

Are you wanting to know how to translate a website?

When you translate your website, you have the opportunity to reach new clients. Having more than one version of your website is a necessity if you want to become a global company. You’ll also get to attract the attention of potential new partners.

But how do you know the best way to translate a website? Below, we’ll get into what you need to know. Keep reading to learn more and improve your website translation today!

Hire a Professional Translator

How do you ensure you get an accurate translation of your website?

Hire a professional translator. It’s important that you don’t just hire anyone who speaks both languages, though. A professional translator should have native-level fluency in both languages. In addition, they should possess years of translation experience.

Before you hire a translator, ask them to translate a smaller piece for you. Then, get someone else to check their translation. Did they communicate the heart of the message well? Can the other person spot any places the translator missed?

You can also ask them to see a portfolio of past translation projects. Call the companies they’ve worked with and ask about the quality of their work. 

Decide What You Want to Be Translated

Sometimes, companies don’t translate every page of a web page. 

Instead, they decide which pages are most pertinent for people to read. Ask yourself which pages the speakers of the other language might be most interested in reading.

You can do this by looking at the back end of your website. Under the statistics section, see if you can determine the geographical location of the people who view certain pages. Then, translate those pages into the language spoken in that area. 

Do you work extensively with people who speak a different language? If so, you may want to consider translating the whole website.

Alternatively, you can create a separate website in that language. This is especially helpful for companies that need to post different content on each website.

Use Machine Translation

Do you want a type of translation that hardly takes any time?

If so, consider getting machine translation. Machines, such as Google Translate, can provide a translation of all content on your site. It does this in a matter of seconds.

Worried that they won’t be accurate? Machine translations have gotten much better over the years. Developers have worked on these auto-translators, improving their ability to read and translate text.

Implement machine translation today!

Go Beyond Learning How to Translate a Website

Now that you know how to translate a website, you can start the process of sharing your message with a new audience. 

Website translation will help you grow your client base. As you reach new clients, you’ll start selling products and services to people around the globe.

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