How To Style a Fur Coat Without Looking Too Much


When searching for “fur coats near me” it is understood you want a variety that will make you look chic and classic but not over the top. A selection of fur coats that will let you walk in style a little less like Joan Collins in the ‘70s and a little more like Jennifer Lopez today. There’s just something about a furry topper that makes us all super elegant and trendy despite the cold. Amazingly enough, it’s really easy to come up with a fur coat ensemble without looking like an overblown 70’s fashion magazine. Here are a few ideas we’ve come up with on how to style a fur coat without looking too much.

Keep It Short And Casual
When it comes to the proper way of wearing a fur coat, the chromatic combinations really come in handy as well as the cut of the coat. Gone are the days when we used to love wearing a fur coat that drags snow all the way downtown, those really long and oversized fur coats our grandmothers used to wear. With all due respect to those fur styles which seemed to have found their way back in the present, wearing them on a daily basis is just a bit of a hassle. While those baggy fur coats bring an ultimate “the vibe”, they can be perceived as an over-the-top and not really something you wear for when you’re running an errand or heading to the office.

Ultimately regal but chic nonetheless, a blue fox section jacket from Maximilian would definitely up your game in fur fashion. It’s the perfect outerwear wherever you go, at whatever time of the day, be it an office outfit or something you wear when going for a walk on a romantic Saturday evening. The blue fox fur is also uniquely elegant and one of the most sought-after types of fur for women who like to look effortlessly trendy and fashionable. A little black dress goes a long way when worn under a fox section jacket. Finish the whole ensemble with a black pair of stockings and a black stiletto.

Trendy Sporty
Like what we’ve mentioned before, the cut of the coat also matters when styling a fur coat. And not every day requires you to wear a dress. You can still look fashionable and sporty at the same time, a perfect combination of fast and easy. For a more relaxed and trendy ensemble, put on your most snug grey sweater jacket and a pair of grey skinny pants underneath a grey mink vest. For more protection against the cold weather, you can also add a grey wool coat with fox trimmed hood from Maximilian—which would definitely go with your black ankle boots.

Simply Elegant
However, there are really days when you want to look the best, simple but elegant. Which are two adjectives in a fashion that is almost difficult to meet. But with a white corduroy mink coat from Maximilian, this is no longer an impossible feat. It’s the perfect Princess Diana ensemble, a white blouse underneath, paired with black high-waisted tailored pants. To complete the look, you have to sport your daintiest most exquisite pair of teardrop pearl earrings and black high-heeled shoes. Letting your hair fall and a little blush on those cheeks will do you just fine.

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