How To Stop Google From Opening Ads?


Google’s Chrome browser does an excellent job of keeping pop-up windows under control. But, a swarm of pop-up windows interrupting your typical surfing experience generally signals a problem. It means you should figure out how to stop chrome from opening google ads if you want to work in peace. 

Well, you can’t necessarily stop advertising from appearing online, but you can block some of them. You may also opt-out of receiving advertising based on your preferences and information. Pop-up advertisements may be disabled in Chrome and most other browsers. So, let’s figure out a quick way to get rid of this problem.

How To Stop Google From Opening Ads?

If you know how to use google ads, you must also know how to stop Google from opening ads. As a digital marketer myself, I know how irritating it can be when chrome opens ads without asking for your permission. Any individual working on the internet faces this problem, resulting in so many people asking us the same question, ‘how to stop Google from opening ads?’ So, let’s check out its solutions;

Solution 1: Enable The Pop-up blocking feature

Step 1: Click on the menu icon of Google Chrome. You can find the option in the upper right-hand corner of your browser.

Step 2: Once you click on that option, a list will open in front of you. Scroll down a little, and you will see the settings option there. Tap into that.

Step 3: Navigate to the search settings bar, and type ‘pop’ in it.

Step 4: Now, press the site settings option.

Step 5: Go to the pop-up section. Once you head there, it should say blocked. However, if it says allowed, you should go to the popup redirect section.

Step 6: You will see a switch next to the allowed option. So, just tap into that. Then, it does not matter how much you campaign on google ads; it won’t show you unnecessary ads anymore. 

Solution 2: Check The Approved Sites

Step 1: Go to the upper right-side section of your Google Chrome browser. You will see the menu icon there. Tap into that.

Step 2: Once a list appears in front of you, just scroll down a little, and find the settings button. Now, click on that.

Step 3: You have to type ‘pop’ again in the search settings bar.

Step 4: Now, click on the option called site settings.

Step 5: Once you navigate to the popup section, the command must say blocked.

Step 6: You have to allow it. So, just scroll down a little, and tap on the three-dotted option on the right-hand side.

Step 7: Press the remove button. It will likely help you remove the unnecessary sites that have been showing you ads for so long. 

Solution 3: Scan For Malware Threats

Step 1: In order to avoid google ads mistakes, people often install risky software or view content from unsafe sites. It increases the chances of malware in their system. So, you have to download an antivirus first from the web.

Step 2: Once you complete the download, install it. You will receive some online instructions in this process. Just follow them, and you will be fine.

Step 3: Double click on the antivirus icon present on your desktop. 

Step 4: Once a new screen opens, you will see the scan option there. Click on that.

Step 5: Run a complete scan of your system, and remove the junk files from your recycle bin as well. 

Solution 4: Uninstall Old Apps

Step 1: Sometimes, old software also forces your chrome browser to open ads without your permission. So, just type the control panel at the search bar of your desktop.

Step 2: Once the control panel option appears on your screen, click on that.

Step 3: You may find some suspicious programs there. If you find them, just right-click on their icons, and press the remove/delete option.

Step 4:  If you find any app that you don’t remember installing, you must also remove that. It will likely stop Google from opening ads.

Solution 5: Make Google Ads Personalized

Step 1: Just like LinkedIn Ads, you can also make your Google Ads personalized. You just need to open the settings option of your Google Chrome browser first.

Step 2: Once a new screen appears in front of you, you have to scroll down a little. You will see the Google option there, so click on that.

Step 3: Another screen will open in front of you now. You have to press the ads option from that list.

Step 4: Turn on the ads’ personalization option on that list. It will help you choose sites from which you want to see ads and nothing more.

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The Bottom Line

How to stop google from opening ads is a question that has been troubling us for a very long time. Everyone hates ads when they work on the internet or watch something entertaining. But, if you know how to stop your browser from opening those ads, that will be amazing, right? That’s why you have to thoroughly read this article and implement the solutions that we have mentioned here. We are sure your google ads problem will be resolved in no time. It will help you cast more focus and concentration on your work, and if it helps you, we will feel victorious too. 

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