How To Stop Google Chrome From Opening Ads?



It’s so awkward to have firecracker ads in front of your face every time. I know ads have relevance, but still, it disturbs you a lot while you are doing something serious. I have a solution to break your mission free. Yes, learn how to stop google chrome from showing annoying ads. 

It is no winter for the user to have ad-free results. While I work on a browser, suddenly ads come and draw my attention. I think the same happens to you as well. It also slows down your work. Do you want to block ads as soon as possible? Well, you follow my instructions and do the steps one by one. I hope you will get a break-free super-fast experience. 

It is simple to block ads. Yes, you can stop showing ads in chrome using the adblocker. Millions of people in the world are using this to stay away from the annoying presence of ads. Using this tool, you will be able to make your PC and browser free from malware. 

What Are Ads In Chrome?

While you access google chrome, you see some sort of ads just come and annoy you. These are classified ads that have been fixed by the site authority. But it’s not good for you as you are doing goods. 

This is why you need to know how to stop google chrome from opening ads. Give a read to the next stanzas and set up pop-up blocks. This will never allow the sites to show ads in a frequency. 

How To Stop Google Chrome From Ads?

You need to enable the pop-up blocker. I think you must not have doubts regarding the pop-up blocker. It is software that holds ads away from chrome. So, no more annoyance. Follow the steps and do it on your PC likewise.

  1. First, you go to the right upper corner of your PC. You can have three dots there. So, click on that and proceed to the next level. 
  2. You will have a drop-down menu there, so you click on that. 
  3.  Now you will have an “advanced” option over there. Scroll down and click on the advanced option. 
  4. Do you get the “privacy & security” option there? Click on that now. There is a site setting option following you get inside it and geet privacy settings. 
  5. I hope you get pop-ups and redirection options. It is your need to go with the opportunity to stop chrome ads. To make it differently, go with the chrome task manager
  6. There are two options; one is “allow,” and another is “block,” click according to your computer settings. If the pop-up is already then, you have switched it off. Don’t get inside the google chrome extensions; then the whole process will suddenly get stuck. Create redirection of chrome. This is how you have to block showing ads. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

2.65 billion active users are using chrome. Therefore, it is common to have a bunch of questions regarding chrome and ads. This is why I have jotted down some common questions asked by chrome users. I hope these may come to your profit. So, let’s get to them in detail. 

Q1. How many people use Google Chrome in the world?

  1. There has complexity as a mass uses chrome regularly. One recent calculation has shown that over 3.2 billion people use chrome regularly. There is a google chrome helper to solve problems regarding work. 

Q2. How to block ads from Android mobile?

  1. This has a simple procedure. First, you visit the settings and then app management. You will have a list of apps; you select chrome among them. After that, you have to get indulged in the site settings. Finally, you will have to add a blockage option. Click on that and check your mobile browser won’t show ads longer. 

Q3. Why are ads popping up on Chrome?

  1. I think your pc or mobile has not been appropriately configured. You can go to the setting to stop showing ads. It’s not too hard; just get it right back. 

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Let’s Wrap Up

It is common for everyone to be pampered with monotonous ads. Mainly you do some essential things; it is devastating. But it has a simple solution. Make the best fruit with your pop-up blocker. Enable this on your PC and wait to see less free chrome. 

In addition, you can take the help of a google chrome theme creator. They are the best at work. Are you done with the pop-up block facility? Then enjoy the hassle-free browning. I know there is nothing better than having hassle-free browsing. 

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