How to Stay Mindful During Argument


Being mindful means, you know everything going on around you, and you do not judge them. Being mindful helps in numerous emergencies, especially when you are in the middle of an argument. When you are in the middle of an argument, your heart beats faster, breathing is shallow, and thousands of thoughts run through your mind quickly. And it’s a normal response called stress. 

However, you can’t be efficient when you are stressed. Being mindful will help you reduce these stress symptoms and help you regain clarity. One of the best ways of achieving mindfulness is by getting a mindfulness journal

Your mental heart will improve immensely if you have one. It is used to write down and release negative feelings to be more responsive to your environment. Also, there are other effective ways to be mindful during an argument. 

Check out ways to stay mindful during arguments or when you are in panic mode.

Fix Your Feet to The Ground

Let both of your feet be in a steady and balanced position. After you have done this, focus on the weight of your body and connect to the feeling entirely. This will help you to train your mind to remain calm, which will, in turn, slow down your thought process.

Take Deep Breaths

Don’t breathe through your mouth when you want to do this because it triggers the flight or fight response. Use your nose instead. Take deep and slow breathe and fill your lungs with more air. Then, rely your mind entirely on the air that goes in and out. This will significantly reduce your anxiety and anger, which will keep your mind focused. Do these three to seven times to achieve optimal results. 

Take Short Breaks

We tend to forget to take breaks when we are stressed. Instead, we become hyperactive suddenly and try to focus our minds on getting something done. And even though being mindful requires a response, this is not the best way to do that. 

It would be best if you took short breaks to be efficient, or else you might burn out. So, find some time to rest, even if it’s a few seconds or minutes. These short breaks are of tremendous help.

Let Your Emotion Flow

Whenever we panic or feel angry, we try to block every emotion pulsing through us. And that’s because we think it’s the best way. However, this doesn’t work at all. It doesn’t matter the emotion you feel, from anger to confusion panic; let it flow freely through your mind and body. 

Also, make sure you are aware of that emotion. This is the best way to control any emotion. The results might be strange at first, but you will feel warm after and become normal.

Final Thoughts

It is not enough to know these tips; you must regularly practice them to remain mindful. The more you train your mind, the more effective it becomes. Getting a mindfulness journal is a great way to hey started. Nothing beats releasing those pent-up emotions by writing them down. Visit to get excellent journals to begin your mindfulness process.