How to Set Your Small Business Up for Success


Although small business ownership can be a deeply rewarding venture, it comes with its fair share of risks. Given how crucial the first year of operation is to the long-term success of a small business, it’s important for proprietors to go above and beyond throughout this vital period. While prepping your business for lasting profitability may carry a number of challenges, having the following pointers at your disposal can make paving the way for success considerably less daunting.

Choose the Right Location 

To call location vital to a small business’s success would be an understatement, particularly if the business’s focus is hyperlocal. So, when scouting out potential locations, you’ll need to take a variety of factors into consideration. For example, how much demand exists for the type of business you’re looking to open in a particular area? Furthermore, assuming there’s ample demand, how well is it being met by existing businesses – and what will your business do differently?

Additionally, when seeking out prospective offices or store spaces, make an effort to stay within your means. While the temptation to go big can be very strong, renting out spaces that are needlessly large can effectively drain your resources before your business has a chance to truly establish itself. Should you have a successful first year, upgrading to a more spacious environment may be feasible, but for the time being, you’d do well to avoid going overboard with regard to your base of operations. 

If you intend to make large-scale renovations to your workspace – or build a new workspace – make sure to obtain the proper permits well in advance of beginning work. Failure to do so can result in the prompt closure of your business, earn you hefty fines and possibly even land you in legal trouble. Fortunately, this process can be relatively hassle-free in municipalities that utilize user-friendly planning and zoning software.

Work with a Highly-Rated Marketing Agency 

No matter how small an area your business serves or how hyperlocal your focus is, effective marketing is essential to building brand awareness. So, if your promotional experience leaves something to be desired, it’s in your best interest to reach out to a highly-rated small business marketing agency. Seasoned experts will be able to identify the best avenues of promotion for your particular business and aid you in creating and implementing effective marketing strategies. Furthermore, the lessons you learn from these individuals can be used to your business’s advantage for many years to come.  

Make Customer Satisfaction a Top Priority 

In the absence of satisfied customers, your business is liable to have a difficult time thriving. For one thing, unsatisfied customers are conducive to negative word-of-mouth – and even more conducive to scathing online feedback. In the digital age, consumers have an abundance of outlets through which to make their grievances with businesses known, and if you get on the wrong side of a customer with an enormous online following, irreparable harm may be done to your business’s reputation. 

With this in mind, take care to make customer satisfaction a top priority for your business – and make sure every member of your staff is well aware of this. For starters, you’ll need to conduct yourself with the utmost courtesy and professionalism in all of your customer interactions and avoid responding to curt customers in kind. Secondly, make a point of responding to all customer communiques – be they emails, phone calls or text messages – in a timely manner. If one of these communiques is received during normal business hours, a response should be sent out by the end of the workday. It’s also important that you regard complaints and grievances with importance and do everything in your power to correct any mistakes on the part of your business. 

As any longtime entrepreneur can attest, success is far from a guarantee when opening your first small business. While small business ownership can prove rewarding on a number of fronts, steering your business through its first year is liable to prove difficult, no matter how confident you are in your ability to satisfy customers. Although there’s no magic wand solution for the challenges faced by fledgling small business owners, there are a number of effective steps you can take to minimize risks. To this end, make sure to heed the advice outlined above.