How to See All 50 States


The USA is known for its mouth-watering food, towering skyscrapers, tech innovations, and much more. It’s also a huge country with many different climates, natural wonders, and rich varied cultures. The only way to fully understand all of what America has to offer is to travel all 50 states so you can quench your curiosity and immerse yourself in an authentic all-American experience!

How to visit all 50 states?

Visiting all 50 states is nearly impossible in one go. While many people have tackled this huge feat, most travelers would benefit from spreading out this endeavor over several months or years. Traveling by car or RV is very popular, and allows you to enjoy the scenery along the way. You might also consider flying into a specific region, renting a car and seeing four or five states at a time. For non-drivers, there are both bus and train journeys specifically designed for tourists looking for big city experiences, historical tours, food journeys and outdoor adventure.

Where to go?

The United States can be broken down into six main regions: The Northeast, the Midwest, the South, the Southwest, the Northwest and the West. Exploring one of these areas at a time can make your goal to visit all 50 states a bit more manageable.

A popular way to see a lot of places in one go is by traveling down Route 66. This famous highway goes from Chicago, Illinois to Los Angeles, CA and crosses through eight states in total!

However, you might also want to plan based on your specific interests. If you’re an avid fan of architecture, cities like New York, Boston, Detroit, and Chicago are the places to visit. Marvel in awe as you walk the streets and observe the different cultures and art movements that drove a city’s architecture to be a certain way.

If you like celebrating festivities, a few examples of cities that hold big festivals are New Orleans, Austin, and Nashville. Nature-lovers can check out Colorado for the Rockies, California for Yosemite National Park, or hike the Appalachian Trail along the east coast.

Those who love history would do best to start in the Northeast to learn about the founding of the nation in places like Philadelphia and Boston before heading west to learn about the Gold Rush.

For those who want to get the full set, don’t forget the outlying states of Alaska and Hawaii. Reaching these states requires a bit more planning, but their unique landscapes, history, culture and food more than make up for it.

What to eat?

Traveling isn’t just about the places you visit or the people you meet, it’s also about the food you get to enjoy. When you travel all 50 states, each with its own signature dish, you will certainly widen your palate and culinary knowledge. Ask your waiter for the best seller or try a local restaurant to get a grasp of the taste of the locals. Some notably delicacies include lobster rolls in Maine, cheesesteaks in Philadelphia, Tex-Mex in the Southwest, clam chowder in Boston and San Francisco, Cajun food in Louisiana, Spam musubi in Hawaii, and barbecue almost everywhere!