How to Revoke Access to All 3rd Party Twitter Apps at Once?


Third-party apps are some kinds of applications that access your Twitter account through outside developers. Twitter functions them. Over here when you generate a third-party app connection on your account, you allow access to your account.

It depends on their permission for what they have granted to you. An approved app will get the best information for you and use your Twitter account in multiple ways.

They can read tweets, see your followers, view your email id, approach direct messaging, post tweets on behalf of your name, and even update your profile.

Therefore, you should carefully provide access to the third-party app through your account. If you don’t consider allowing access to your account to an external source, press the ‘cancel’ option from the certified page. In this way, you can decline access to a third-party source.

Besides, you need to check your account to ensure third-party app access so that your account remains secure from the wrong hand.

Similarly, you can rethink it if you want to allow a third-party app. But if you find any unwanted third-party apps and have got access, you can easily cancel the access to those apps. You can set through a section of apps and sessions from the setting of your account.

How to manage third-party apps on your account for access?

For the security of shareable data, Google allows you to offer access to third-party services and apps by creating a different account. Different companies design all these third-party services and apps, not Google.

For example, you download an app to help your schedule with your fellows. This app will ask you to access your Google contacts and calendar for scheduling with your friends.

Finally, Over here you have got an understanding of third-party services. But you need to ensure what kind of access you are providing those apps.

  • Visit your Google Account from the security section
  • Choose ‘Manage third-party access’ from ‘Third-party apps with account accesses.
  • Choose services or apps to review.

How to revoke third-party access to the Twitter app?

Twitter lets users associate with third-party applications through their accounts in multiple ways. Let’s review the way to manage your account and remove third-party apps.

In many situations, malicious or phony apps create connections with your account that don’t follow you regularly. Besides, after accessing your account Over here, these third-party apps fetch essential data from your account without your permission. Let’s follow these steps.

  • Open Twitter account
  • If you open a Twitter account on a desktop, go to the home page, see the menu option, and press the option ‘More.
  • Come to the settings and privacy section. You can also sign in through
  • Click setting and press from another pane ‘security and account access
  • Now press ‘Apps and sessions in the next pane.
  • The third pane will alter the menu of ‘Apps and sessions.
  • View ‘connected app’ to see the list.
  • Choose the name of the app you want to remove or inspect. It will display the meta title, meta description, link to the home page, permission, and data added will appear.
  • There will be a red text ‘revoke app permission’ for canceling the access of third-party apps from your account.
  • This option will automatically change the report to the application successfully. You can delete access to a specific app you want to cancel. Or press the back arrow to the apps and visit the list to cancel anyone.

After finishing this process, visit the home page and press the Twitter logo displayed on the left side of the home page. Or even you can click ‘Home’ on the right of the page. Now you will see you have revoked all applications from your account.

This way, the system will block serious threats that can hurt your account. Or you can reset your password to avoid access to third-party apps. Besides, don’t allow any app to your account whose you don’t know.

Similarly, it is also necessary to inspect associated apps frequently to prevent potential threats. The Twitter app offers enough hold over malicious apps to secure your account.

Another tip to keep a secure Twitter account from malicious apps is the installment of anti-virus and trustable VPN. Usually, Twitter is a low-risk app because it added successive changes to further limitations for fake apps. But it is better to keep close an eye on your account regularly regarding external sources to avoid extensive damage.

Final verdict?

Indeed, you can secure your Twitter account from third-party apps that can hurt your Twitter account. These apps can access your data and other important information that you don’t want to reveal with unknown accounts.

Therefore, it is your responsibility to maintain your Twitter account, and don’t allow access to anyone without knowing them exactly. Similarly, it is better to avoid creating any keys that need the setting of your account.