How to restore body strength after winter?

restore body strength after winter

Why can we feel weak and not in the mood to do anything after winter? The seasons and the weather have an effect on a person’s mood, well-being, and sense of well-being. Winter exhausts the body, so weakness and a temporary bad mood at the junction of the seasons are considered the norm.

In winter, there are not many sunny days, we do not get enough vitamin D. We often start to eat worse: we eat fewer vegetables and fruits, and more fast carbohydrates, fatty meat, and fast food. The skin of the face also suffers from rapid changes in temperature from the cold street to warm cafes or houses, so it is worth turning to such a procedure as dermal fillers. Also, we move less, sleep more, and stay at home. In addition, winter is the season of viral diseases, which can also exhaust the body. Often, at the beginning of spring, people begin to lose weight sharply before summer, they sit on strict diets (which you can’t do), and this again exhausts the body.

How to assess your own condition?

During the off-season, the length of the day changes, temperature drops, and the body often lack vitamin D, which is involved in the production of serotonin, a hormone that affects our mood.

These factors combined can affect the psychological state of a healthy person and cause lethargy, drowsiness, mild apathy, reluctance to do something new, and a subjective feeling of loss of energy. Such changes will not necessarily occur, but it is considered normal.

In the off-season and after winter, you should treat yourself more carefully and try to prevent this seasonal decline. You should go to a specialist when similar symptoms are observed for two weeks. If the condition does not change or becomes worse, all methods to improve mood do not help, you should seek help from a specialist.

The spring period is a kind of awakening for our body. It is getting warmer, we perceive it as a change for the better, and our psychological state also improves. This period, when the weather is no longer winter, but the spring warmth has not yet arrived, does not last long, it is worth remembering that it will pass quickly.

How to be in a good mood?

The first thing is to take responsibility for your condition. Often we blame bad moods on the weather, other people, bad luck, or the off-season. It is important to review your daily routine, sleep, work, and rest. The psyche and nervous system are part of our body. When we break the routine of the day, the nervous system cannot function at its full potential.

During times when we feel a bit down, we tend to avoid physical activity. But studies, on the contrary, show that even minimal exercise in the morning can have a positive effect on mood and well-being. When we avoid any activity, we deprive ourselves of a source of positive mood. Without action and real efforts, the situation will not improve.

How to properly build nutrition in the spring?

There are no separate rules for spring, they are the same throughout the year. A classic plate of proper nutrition should be as follows:

  1. 50% of the plate is vegetables. An adult should eat 500 grams of vegetables per day. It doesn’t matter in what form: whether it’s rich borscht, vegetable stew, or salad. I also recommend adding some greens to each meal, because they contain other mineral compounds and vitamins that we need.
  2. 25% of the plate is carbohydrates. It can be a piece of whole grain bread, a few spoons of cereal, or pasta from durum wheat varieties.
  3. 25% of the plate is proteins and fats. Here you can add proteins of vegetable origin (lentils, peas, tofu, mushrooms), as well as meat and fish.

The level of vitamins can also decrease against the background of emotional stress. We live in constant stress, we chase achievements: we sleep little, and we eat a lot of food with low nutritional value (for example, snacks with cookies or fast food). These are factors that do not depend on the seasons, but it is after winter that they intensify.

Taking care of yourself and your condition, both internal and external, will make your life excellent.