How to rent a car in UK?


What type of car to choose, what documents you need Tunbridge Wells Airport Transfers and what words in English you need to rent a car. We will “go through” the vocabulary for any occasion – everything to make your trip easy and pleasant.

We are looking for a car rental :

In order to find a suitable option and rent a car abroad at an affordable price, it is best to plan in advance and book a car ahead of time, before the trip. Then you will have enough time to compare different car rental providers, read the rental conditions and take into account the cost of additional services.Think about the pick up location – the place from where you are going to pick up the rented car. Numerous car hire desks can be found at the airport – convenient but expensive. If you want to save money, book your car online in advance.To make your rental even cheaper, try picking up a rented car ( rental car , or hire car ) outside the city ( out of town location ) or from the city center ( city center location ). This may not be the most practical method for those traveling in a group or with luggage, but car rental companies often charge less for those who choose this option.

Car rental abroad: useful English words and phrases

Which car to rent: choose the type of transport

The choice of a car depends on how many people are in your company, how many luggage spaces, what level of comfort you need, and what is the purpose of your trip. Renting a car in English will require knowledge of the types of cars. Here are some to choose from:

Hatchback (“hatchback”) – a small car, usually three-door (driver’s door, passenger door and tailgate). Ideal in and around the city where roads are narrower and parking spaces are limited. It uses less gasoline and therefore is an inexpensive option for solo travelers.The Saloon , or sedan , is a larger car designed to comfortably accommodate five adults. Such a car has a trunk – boot (a term that is used in the UK and Europe) or trunk (as they say in the States).

Estate car , also known as station wagon . It looks like a sedan, Airport Taxi near me but is lengthened at the rear, which allows it to accommodate more luggage or even a couple of additional passengers. Ideal for those traveling with an arsenal of bags and suitcases, as well as camping gear – or with a large group of people.Sports car – a small, low, fast car – a Ferrari or a Porsche, for example. You won’t be able to fit a lot of luggage in such a car, and you will pay a rather large sum for its rental. But ride in style and glitz.Multi-purpose Vehicle (MPV) – Also called people carrier because it can carry many passengers. Like those of the “station wagons”, which have a higher body, the minivan is usually designed for 8 people.

Convertible (convertible). If you are traveling to warmer countries, you may want to opt for a convertible, also known as a soft top . On this type of vehicle, the top can be folded back, allowing you to enjoy the sun and wind as you drive.

Minibus (minibus). If you are looking for a vehicle that can accommodate even more passengers (you are traveling with a large group of friends or colleagues), then a minibus is for you. The minibus can carry more than 8 passengers with luggage. In general, this is a van , only with seats.

These words will also come in handy for you to rent a car in an English-speaking country.

Many car rental companies offer additional services (not only booking a car rental in an English-speaking country), which are designed to make your trip more pleasant and comfortable. Sat Nav , aka Satellite Navigation (satellite navigation system), aka GPS – Global Positioning System (global positioning system). These devices will help you get directions without using a map. However, it is better to have a map with you anyway – suddenly your navigator breaks down.Player a DVD (a DVD-player). Some cars have a built-in DVD player and screens to distract passengers in the back while driving. If you are traveling with children, consider this option (you won’t regret it).Conditioning Air (air conditioning). If you are driving Tunbridge Wells airport taxi to a hot country, be sure to choose an air-conditioned car. In hot weather, the air conditioner will maintain a comfortable temperature in the cabin.