How to Reduce Operational Costs with a Call Center Solution? 


It’s easy to see why many consumers negatively see contact centers: every interaction, whether over the phone or online, costs money. Therefore, the following question is being sought by all traditional contact centers using legacy/on-premise call center solutions.

Is it possible to Reduce Call Center Costs!

In any case, businesses in search of ways to reduce expenses in the contact center have a simple solution at their disposal: contact center software as a service, or CCaaS, that is hosted in the cloud.

Quick, scalable, flexible, and secure, contact center solutions are now a leading choice for call centers of all sizes. More importantly, they assist defray the cost of numerous contact center expenses while lowering the TCO by 77%.

Put simply, how does one define cloud-based call center software?

The term “call center as a service” (or “CCaaS”) refers to a software-as-a-service platform that helps businesses launch and manage a call center in the cloud. Instead of purchasing many separate components for a contact center, as is the case with traditional systems, CCaaS consolidates all of the necessary components into a single, affordable package: call center software, virtualized hardware, and cloud services.

Here are six ways in which cloud-based call center software may help a company save money:

To cut down on expenses, contact centers are increasingly turning to cloud-based alternatives. Here are six ways in which moving your call center to the cloud might reduce your operating expenses:

Data Centers Lacking Server Closets

For businesses trying to cut down on contact center expenses, maintaining the server room is a major task. But many folks are stuck when they must use an old system.

Given the redundancy in colocation that is provided by CCaaS systems, this is a significant factor in the reduced costs experienced by contact centers.

Call centers may save money on server rooms, which consume a lot of energy and take up valuable office space, by using colocation redundancy, in which all operational data is secured and maintained by third parties.

Easy to maintain

It has been estimated that maintenance-based contact center expenditures and expenses may be reduced by 7% when moving from an on-premises solution to one in the cloud.

Discovering your current expenditures is the first step in finding ways to save costs in contact centers. You’ll then see that the pressure this puts on your company operations is exacerbated by the frequent hardware updates and expensive maintenance costs associated with conventional contact center systems.

In contrast, cloud-based contact center software has a serverless design that doesn’t need routine physical maintenance or hardware upgrades, therefore eliminating a significant portion of the costs associated with on-premise systems.

Allows for Convenient Remote Work

The advantages of encouraging remote work are well-known, and many operations managers and company owners who are looking for ways to save costs in contact centers already do so.

While working from home is not possible with on-premises solutions, it is for contact centers that employ cloud call center software platforms.

You’ll also be able to cut down on call center expenses as much as possible. Having your agents spend less time traveling will increase their work ethic, and you’ll have access to a global pool of potential employees.

A Simple Process for Getting the Latest and Greatest

Annual upgrades for on-premises systems are an expense regardless of whether or not you use them. Some of the enhancements need hardware and system upgrades, which might be expensive.

With a contact center solution, you can stop stressing about keeping your gear up-to-date. Instead, you will get automatic and free updates on a regular basis whenever something better becomes available to aid in your operations.

Not Relying on In-House IT Team

If you want to know how to save expenses in your contact center while still leveraging the cloud, take a look at how much you spend on your IT staff.

It’s simple arithmetic that as your physical deployments grow, you’ll need more IT support. Cloud telephony solutions eliminate the requirement for on-premises IT staff, whereas traditional systems need more of them. Call centers may reduce their yearly expenditure on IT staff by 14 percent when they switch to a cloud-based solution instead of an on-premises one.

Why Pick Office24by7?

The goal of Office24by7, a contact center platform, is to advance call center technology and provide call centers with scalable, cloud-based infrastructure.

  • Infinitely expandable
  • Incorporation is a breeze.
  • Low-cost
  • The solution charges you just when you use it.

Now that you know how to reduce costs in the contact center, it’s time to make the switch to Office24by7, a full-featured cloud call center solution.


You can trust us to make short work of planning your workflow, migrating your information, tickets, records, and processes, and turning on your control panel. Because we have dedicated project teams, you won’t have to lift a finger.

Once everything is set up, we will gladly give free training for your agents. Our intuitive interface and intuitive dashboard will have your agents up and running in no time.


In addition to the over 30 pre-built connections with popular CRMs, payment gateways, and BI tools, Office24by7 also provides an open API framework that enables any new connectivity, all at no cost to you.

Maintenance and help

At Office24by7, we are looking forward to many years. To that end, our technical support staff will be available 24/7 to answer any questions and fix any problems that may arise.

Individualized Analysis and Statistical Reporting

Different businesses need various things from their employees. This is why we pay close attention to the details of your business to provide you with tailor-made software that makes the most of automation, reporting metrics, and other tools.

Summing Up

To further help you reduce your contact center costs and expenses, we’d be happy to talk about the many other benefits of making the transition to  Office24by7 cloud-based system. Get in touch with us at +91 7097171717 or to speak with the most dependable supplier of contact center software.