How to Prep Your Landscape Plants for the Summer Heat


The heat of summer is upon us. While we might enjoy warmer weather, our landscape plants aren’t so lucky. The heat causes them stress and makes them more susceptible to pests and diseases. 

To protect your landscaping and lawn care in Michigan, it’s important that you give your garden extra attention during the summer months so that it can thrive all year long. Here are some tips for making sure your yard remains healthy despite the high temperatures:

Use Natural Herbicides 

When you’re ready to tackle the weeds in your garden, there are a few options available. Traditional herbicides are often made with chemicals that can be harmful to the environment and your health, but their effectiveness can make them difficult to resist. 

Natural herbicides are safer for the environment and for you, but they still offer plenty of control over weeds in areas where you don’t want them growing. These products can be used on grass or in flower beds separately or combined as part of a homemade weed killer. 

Add Cover Crops

To give your lawn care Michigan home a fighting chance against the summer heat, you may want to consider adding cover crops. Cover crops are inexpensive and easy to plant—all it takes is one thin layer of seeds, which germinate quickly and provide nutrients for your lawn. Your local garden store or nursery should carry products like vetch, ryegrass, clover, buckwheat, and others that can help keep your yard healthy all year long.

Prune Spring-Flowering Shrubs and Trees

Now is the time to prune spring-flowering shrubs and trees. Pruning in early summer will result in a fuller plant, which will flower more profusely later in the season.

The goal when pruning your plants is not to reduce their size (unless they are getting too large), but rather to keep them healthy by removing dead or diseased branches, opening up center stems, and maintaining an open structure.

Fertilize, Fertilize, Fertilize

Fertilizing your plants is essential. It will help them grow strong and resist disease, which is especially important when you’re fighting off pests such as aphids and thrips for your lawn care Michigan needs. If you can, go with an organic fertilizer with a longer-lasting effect of providing protection during the hot summer. 

Use Mulch

The easiest way to reduce the impact of summer heat on your plants is to use a good mulch. Mulch is any material spread over the surface of soil that helps retain moisture, prevents weeds, keeps down soil crusting, and protects plant roots.

Water Your Yard & Inspect Irrigation

Watering your lawn and garden regularly will keep them healthy and looking good, but it’s important to ensure you water them correctly so as not to overwater or underwater them. 

For example, if you fail to water often enough during dry spells, the roots may die. However, if you over-water with excess rainfall or sprinklers set too high, the roots may suffocate from a lack of oxygen in the soil.

Add Shade Where Needed

Shade is one of the best ways to protect your plants from the summer heat. You can use a tree, shrub, or other plants for shade, but if you don’t have any of these in your yard, you can also create shade with a cloth or structure.

Shade cloth is lightweight and easy to install on existing structures like fences and trees. It comes in different colors and patterns to match your lawn care Michigan-style needs.

Talk with Our Experts

As you approach summer and the heat is on, you can be sure that your plants need extra care. The most important thing is to stay calm! Do not panic about the heat. You should take these steps to make sure your plants are prepared for it. 

If you are still at a loss for keeping your flowers, lawn, and plants looking fantastic all year round, contact our team at Wenke Lawn Care. We are a leading provider of professional lawn maintenance and support around Kalamazoo. One quick email or phone call may be all it takes to keep your property looking healthy and green!