How to plan an event?

plan an event

Whether it is a baby shower or a birthday party, event planning is necessary to ensure a successful event. Event planning is highly stressful, so many people opt for event planners. However, sometimes, an event planner may not be in your budget. 

Whether it’s your first time planning an event, or you’ve planned an event before, here are a few things you need to keep in mind. 

Opt for event rentals

No matter what the scale of your event is, it’s always best to get event rentals for the goods you need. Nowadays, you can get a rental for everything, just like Paradox Productions. You can get rentals for stage setups for all sorts of events. This includes birthday events to wedding setups. 

While event rentals are more commonly used for huge festivals and concerts, you can find them for all sorts of events. Some rentals are specialized for certain kinds of events while most are generic. 

Keep the budget in mind at all times

This comes out as obvious but you must always remember to keep your budget in mind at every step. Allocating a certain portion of your budget for one part of the event helps you stay consistent with your expenses. 

Pick a theme

There are countless possible themes for a single event. For example you can have a pink and golden themed birthday party, or a costume party for your birthday, etc. The possibilities are endless. So when picking out a theme, choose one that costs within your budget. 

Choosing a theme helps you create a pulled-together event that’s more organised both in aesthetic as well as budget. 

Buy decor from affordable shops

Chances are most party decor is going to be needed only for the duration of the event. It’s probably a good idea not to spend much on goods you can get as disposables. There are countless stores especially dedicated to cheap, disposable party decor. 

It is also much cheaper to get disposable cutlery for the event as hiring a cleaning crew will just add to the expenses. 


To conclude, event-planning is extremely hectic and it’s best to get an event planner for your special moments. However, if it is out of your budget and you need to plan an event yourself, make sure to conduct proper research and pick out a theme that’s easy to follow. If nothing else, this makes the process a bit easier for amateurs.