How To Perfect Men’s Loungewear Style


We have seen loungewear storm the fashion scene since the 2020 lockdown, with people often the comfiest of clothing options to match their new laid-back styles. Women’s fashion has seen loungewear styled in every genre imaginable, but men’s loungewear has not had enough appreciation or coverage.

There is a huge amount of casual menswear in the form of athleisure as well as loungewear, but knowing how and when to wear them might make you feel confused. There are of course limits to men’s loungewear and we would not recommend that you wear your chequered pyjamas out for a coffee. We would however recommend the following tips for styling great loungewear:

Think About The Fit

Finding the balance between style and comfort can be determined by how your loungewear clothing fits and flatters your body shape. Loosely fit clothing is the common theme of loungewear, but finding the middle point of looking like you’re drawing in your clothes or looking too compact is not always easy. If you do want to go big, go for a luxury hoodie for a hugging effect, and complement your shape with some tapered joggers. Keep in mind that having some fitted elements of loungewear makes for more suitable outdoor wear, rather than solely clothes that you keep for inside. 

Co-Ords Are Easy

If you are new to loungewear and have no idea where to start, a matching co-ord set might just be your best option. These sets are made to not only look great but also be a quick and easy way to achieve the comfy style that is loungewear. Keep things simple with a crew neck sweater and some cuffed joggers, or for the hotter climate go for a relaxed fit short and t-shirt combination. If you are opting for loungewear for hotter weather, try to wear more breathable loungewear pieces made from fabrics such as cotton and even bamboo. 

Neutral Colours Always 

You can communicate your laid-back style with how the clothes are fitted, but also with what colours you opt for. The best and most desired lounge wear often follows a neutral colour scheme including beige, brown, sage green, white, and even pastel colours for the right occasion. Not only will neutral colours allow you to mix and match your items, but they will also help them to last longer between multiple washes. The washed-out, dull theme is not always as boring as it seems, and they can be well complimented with the right accessories. 

Great Quality Shows 

Much like all clothing items, great quality fabrics and pieces will be easily distinguishable against poorly made clothing items. Loungewear has a lot of fast fashion pieces available, but if you want to buy items that last for a while you should go for quality items that come at a higher cost. These items might be made with organic cotton that looks and feels great on your skin. Also, loungewear that has elements of elastane will be valuable for holding its shape and moulding to your changing body.