It’s not easy to move often and change your address .when you live in one of the busiest places in the world – Dubai. But you have to leave your apartment on time. So, and before you do, you have a huge to-do list ahead of you.

It’s only a week since your moving date and you haven’t even started packing your things yet. So we thought we’d help you get things done. Our experience as one of Dubai’s leading movers and Packers in Discovery garden Dubai. Use this post as your moving checklist. when your move date is due next week and makes packing easy and strategic.


You don’t have to take this moving adventure on your nerves. And act smart to manage the entire movers and packers in Discovery garden Dubai process like a pro. But before you do anything else, take your time and list things to prioritize each set of items you plan to pack. Separate fragile items from those that are physically sturdy, because if you mix the two, something would break in half. Similarly, make a list of those items that need to pack first and also write down what needs to be packed last. Lists are a great way to keep track of the process as you go about packing each item individually.


I know it’s only a week away and you have no idea where to start packing your stuff and be ready for your moving date. From our experience working as one of the leading movers in Discovery garden Dubai, we understand that people also pack those items they would need on a regular basis. If you don’t want to face any unpleasant situation, then don’t follow this trend of packing items based on routine with others. Separate them from the plethora of packing you see in front of you, as you won’t be moving right away and still have plenty of time to leave. So be wise when it comes to packing and pack these items separately if you don’t want to feel fluster later when they are needed.


Have you thought about why you had to go through the hassle of moving in the midst of transition? Was it due to hiring unprofessional movers in Discovery garden Dubai or was the problem elsewhere? Are you bound to face problems like breakage during the transition of items? from the old to the new address due to improper packing methods? The key mistake most people make is using old cardboard boxes. That can’t hold things together and fall apart halfway through. Get new boxes to pack everything and add a level of satisfaction to your packing arrangements before moving day arrives.


Since there are only a few days left until moving day. You need to set up a specific section for all the packed boxes. If you don’t keep them in a specific location, your premises would look more like a shed or garage. Now imagine that a guest shows up and finds this condition that you don’t want them to see. As one of the leading moving and packing companies in Dubai. We recommend everyone to keep their packing boxes separate from other items and keep everything organized.