How to manage your employees when moving office?


Moving a company to another location is such a big job to complete. At the start, it seems quite exciting but the panic starts when you realize that you have to figure out how to prepare and organize the entire office relocation process. However, with some planning and plenty of organization, you can make the process smoother and easier for you. From reading moving reviews to getting online moving quotes, you must know what to do, when to do and how to do it to make your business relocation successful. 

In this post, you will get tips and important insight into the moving industry that will help you in managing your office staff well so they can be ready to relocate and also helps you during the relocation process. Check out these tips right now:  

Strategize, strategize & Strategize

Employee management is a tough nut to crack but a strategic move can help you make the best suit of your efforts. With you and your employees on the same page, you can ensure that the entire process runs smoothly. You need to sit down with your key employees and management executives and make a thorough strategy to move the business as well as the employees. This must include every aspect of the relocation project including the timeline, employee benefits, and much more. 

Offer a lucrative relocation policy 

With an employee benefitting relocation policy in place, you can ensure that the employee is encouraged to relocate to a newer work location. The relocation policy should be well defined and must be a part of the policies and employee handbook that you share with the employees when they are inducted into the organization. The relocation policy must have all the benefits, terms, and conditions related to the relocation written in black and white to make it easier for the employees to learn about the changes that they will face after they relocate. 

Retaining talent 

For any organization, retaining its talent is the number one concern. Human resource professionals must ensure that they provide competitive relocation packages and effective relocation policies that help them to make their employees ready for relocation. 

Retaining talent is crucial so you can also try offering family location benefits as well as wage or designation promotions to the employees. The benefits you wish to offer depending on your business plan and hence must be thoroughly considered and discussed in the inner circle of your business. 

Plan, plan, and plan 

Planning sounds obvious but sometimes not planning things enough and in the right manner is what stops you from generating leads. Planning helps you to reduce stress and when you have a great strategy in your mind for everything then it reduces the chances of getting failed.  

In just the second phase of your strategy, you must plan your entire relocation process. Whether you are moving the business or an employee you need to be thorough with the planning process and ensure that all the management representatives are on the same page. 

Be honest and emphatic 

It is important, to be honest, and open about the reason behind the big change. If you stay transparent then this will be appreciated by the employees. This helps you to keep your staff happy. Remember that this is not just a big change for you and your business but also it is a big change in the lives of the employees. Sometimes they can even give you some great advice. 

Be their cheerleader 

You need to offer them positive thoughts and let them know just how much they are appreciated. You should also reassure them that you understand so that they can move without feeling guilty and you will be able to retain the talent of your office. While there is a lot of stress in the environment because of the relocation decision but if you use encouraging words then this will be very helpful for them. 

Announce the move 

You should plan it well before you announce anything to your employees. Having a detailed email, a short video, or something like that is enough. You are required to provide them with all the significant details regarding this move such as the date and time, the address of the new office, their relocation packages and so on. Let them know how this relocation can be helpful for their firm. Also, provide them reasonable time to commute. 

Hold a meeting 

Your employees are going to have a lot of questions regarding your decision so it is better to discuss it with them by holding a meeting as quickly as possible. During this meeting, you should also discuss with them their responsibilities and the features present in the new office. Also, let them know the reason behind it. If they have any questions, be ready to answer them all. Let them voice their opinion in an open environment so that they can speak up freely. 

Involve them in the relocation process 

Most employees will appreciate being involved in the moving process because this will make them feel more valued. Consider them a part of the process by delegating a particular job to them. You can also consider forming a move planning committee with your employees who are interested in office move planning. This group of people will assist you throughout the entire relocation process and also helps you in taking big decisions like the layout and interior design of the new office and so on. 

Give them enough time and necessary space 

Let them take enough time they need to coordinate their movements and get packed up. Even when if they are helping you in the moving process and working on weekends too then it is your responsibility to free them for some time because this is the time when they also require a lot of time. Set up a schedule in the right manner that works for the employees as well as for your office productivity. 

Wrapping it all up!!!

Try to give them compensation and moving costs. Though this can be decided based on the budget of your organization. This is a good decision only when your company grows to the point that it can physically move the entire staff.