How to manage the complex affair of Orthotics and prosthetics Billing 

Orthotics Billing
Orthotics Billing

Understanding how to deal with your pre and post Orthotics & Prosthetics billing isn’t an easy task. Today the main problem with many orthotics and prosthetics providers is the raising DSOs. In fact, with constant sifting billing regulations and rising number of improper payments which has to do a lot with resources not being able to submit documents correctly and on time is also one of the concern areas for many orthotics and prosthetics providers. Furthermore with today’s labor shortage market not finding that perfect someone that knows it all with Medicare and Medicaid guidelines as well as other commercial plans makes the whole thing a mess. 

If you too facing the same issues, worry no more as Sunknowledge Services Inc is here to help and you are no longer alone. 

Sunknowledge is more than just an orthotics and prosthetics billing company: 

Offering a complete RCM solution and working as a reliable operational extension, Sunknowledge has the best answer for you as we excel in driving your flow of reimbursement in no time. 

Over the last 15 + years delivering tailor made support solutions not only do we understand Orthotics & Prosthetics billing better than anyone else in the competitive landscape but also offer solutions that transform your ROI in the best possible manner in the industry at only $7 an hour in this competitive era. Taking care of all your data management, eligibility verification, complex claims payment posting, denial management, and appeals, Sunknowledge team of experienced billing professionals is up-to-date on changing regulations and compliance requirements; reducing your chances of error rate and also claims denial and rejections.   

Taking care of every information and process which ultimately boils down to laying down the right checks and balances, our expert helps in eliminating all the proven errors while increasing your chance of accuracy rate in the billing and coding operation by 99.9 %. In fact, the Sunknowledge team has unique versatility across all practice management systems in use Brightree, CPR+, Fastrack, Bonafide, Team DME, DME Works, Cortex EDI and others and also has great competence in offering support across any client proprietary systems. 

Using advanced analytics and reporting tools to identify the root causes of denials and work with insurance companies to resolve them quickly, Sunknowledge experts also lower the need for appeals and free up resources for other important tasks. Working closely with the team as an extended partner and shrinking all your administrative costs by providing a team that is looking for ways to improve your ROI, Sunknowledge also offers no cost dedicated account manager to help you out with all your billing problems. 

For more information on what difference Sunknowledge can bring to your practice, get in touch with the expert over a no commitment call.