The Model 3 is a new addition to Tesla’s roster of small executive cars and resembles a scaled-down Model S.

It sports a curved body, simple character lines, and a grille-free front end on the outside.

Stepping inside the car creates a stark contrast between its conformist exterior and its minimalist interior, which gives it a highly futuristic appearance.

Even the nicest things may quickly become boring for some individuals. If it describes you, you should read this essay.

Here, we’ll attempt to lay out the several ways you might enhance the interactivity of your Tesla Model 3’s dashboard.

Model 3 dashboard: first impressions

Tesla wanted to create a dashboard for the Model 3 that was uncluttered and uncomplicated. It seems that the dashboard has nothing on it other than the steering wheel, a touch screen like a 15-inch iPad, and the touch screen.

There aren’t any air vents, headlamp buttons, fan controls, indicator levers, or anything else. The dash has a refined touch and an aesthetically pleasant look thanks to a faux wood veneer that runs its whole length.

The dashboard, though, can seem less engaging and dull to many of us. This is because the Model 3’s 15-inch screen, the focal point of the interior design, serves as the primary interface for all controls and functions.

However, there are still methods to make your dash appear livelier and more engaging, which may improve your relationship with your vehicle.

Customizing the dashboard of a Model 3

The dashboard is the area of an automobile that a car owner would spend the most of their time gazing at.

Therefore, taking the time and effort to personalize and customize it to your tastes would be worthwhile.

Let’s investigate your options.

Vinyl dash decals

To personalize your dashboard, vinyl wraps come in an infinite number of patterns, hues, and textures, as well as bespoke printing possibilities.

They simply need a little bit of finesse to apply on the curves and concave surfaces. The following benefits of vinyl wraps:

  • Not need removing the touchscreen or glovebox
  • Versatile with various trims
  • Don’t harm the trim in any way that will last forever.
  • Multiple changes are possible.
  • Background Lighting

To give your Model 3 dashboard a more unique and colourful appearance, you may outfit it with LED ambient lighting or neon light kits. Remote controllers may be used to control them, and you can adjust the colours to your preference. To get one for your Tesla, click here.

Gadgets You Can Add to Your Dashboard

We’ve compiled a selection of add-ons and gadgets that you can use to customize your Model 3 dashboard’s appearance and functionality.

HUD in dashboard mode

It is a striking piece of equipment that neatly fits into the air vent without blocking anything. The battery %, gear mode, and low battery alert are all shown on the device’s display.

You may find installation tutorials and tips online to help you. To place an order, click here.

Charger for Wireless Phones & Switchback Dash

It is a multi-data display dashboard speedometer that also functions as a phone charger. It contains three different UI interface styles and real-time synchronization to display information about your car’s speed, battery life, gear selection, seat belt indication, and other things.

As it is installed just behind your steering, you can quickly understand all of this information. By clicking here, you can place an order.

Display on the dashboard’s small screen

Similar to the last version, this tiny screen display is mounted directly in front of the driver’s line of sight for increased safety.

You can choose between day and night settings thanks to its IPS display and HD screen. With real-time synchronization, it shows all the essential data, including time and temperature, tyre pressure, distance, and battery information.

This fantastic item is available on our website right here.

Dashboard with Smart LCD Display for Multiple Functions

This device addresses any gaps you could have as a driver and best complements the curved shape of the Tesla Model 3.

It has a variety of functions, including safe driving assistance, to make driving more engaging and helps the driver understand technology.