How to make a jacket from old jeans for boys?


If you have old jeans in your wardrobe then you can use them to make jackets for boys. But first, you must remove all the buttons, zippers and decorations which will not be required in making a new jacket for boys. Jeans are stitched together from top to bottom and this stitching can be used to make the shoulder straps of a new jacket for boys. 

The waistband of old jeans can be used to make the waistband of jacket for boys and legs can be used to make the sleeve of a new jacket.

Choose an Old Pair of Jeans

Look through your closet, we all have a few pairs of old pants. If you want a new jacket for boys and don’t have any handy in your wardrobe, grab one of those and work with it! 

Choose a pair that has some nice details or stitching; they’ll stand out even more once they’re cut up and put together as a new piece. For example, if you have a pair of boot-cut jeans, go ahead and choose them over your straight legs—the boots will look cool on their own after they’ve been converted into a jacket for boys.

Fold the Hem of the Jeans Leg in Half

Begin by folding down one of your jean legs halfway, so you have two equal-length legs. To do so, grab one leg with both hands and start rolling downward toward where you’d normally wear your jeans. 

Make sure to hold onto each side tightly as you roll. Repeat with the other leg so you have two straight and evenly cut ends that look almost identical.

Cut Out the Armholes

Cut out armholes in both arms of your jeans jacket for boys. This can be done by either placing your jacket over a box and cutting around it, or by measuring with a ruler to find where you want your armholes to start and end. 

If you plan on having long sleeves, add 1 to your measurements. Mark off each measurement with a fabric pen or pencil, then cut along these lines.

Add Embellishments (Optional)

If you want, you can add any embellishments such as rhinestones, buttons, patches and more. These types of additions will take your project to a whole new level!

Attach Velcro to the Waistband

For most jackets for boys, you’ll want to attach a strip of Velcro (double-sided) along each side of your waistband, which you can attach later on when it comes time to create a buttonhole. 

This will allow you to open and close your waistband with ease, as well as hide extra fabric that may be leftover from tailoring. A wide strip should do fine here; two strips on either side will leave an unsightly gap between them and is unnecessary.

Add Pockets (Optional)

Pockets are a great way to customize your jacket for boys. The best pocket is a deep, phone-sized pocket on your upper left side so that when you’re wearing it, it’s easily accessible without being obvious or obtrusive. 

Otherwise, pockets are just about as useful as they can be—meaning not super useful at all. Choose wisely in terms of location and size if you go with pockets.