How to live a Eco-Friendly Life in Flats

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Getting an eco-friendly home need not cost the earth, and creating a positive impact on the environment can begin from here. Several apartment dwellers tend to use products which are both toxic and wasteful. An eco-friendly lifestyle while living in flats in Zirakpur can start with a sustainable way of life.

Sustainable living does not necessarily mean solar panels or greenhouses; one can take earth-friendly steps to make one’s apartment a green zone.

Benefits Of Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

Many benefits can be exploited by green living in 2BHK apartments in Zirakpur:

• Low cost of living
Save money and protect the environment as a bonus. Sustainable living implies one can conserve energy by lowering the use of electricity, preserving the use of water and using recycled products. All this means a lower cost of living.

• Live a healthy life
Research has revealed that exposure to toxic gas can harm one’s health and enhance the risk of cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. Eco-friendly lifestyles are great ways to boost one’s health and improve one’s well-being.

• Durable products
Sustainable products are not just eco-friendly but tend to be durable. For instance, bamboo furniture lasts a long time, and bamboo is more potent than hardwood, grows much faster, and is also easy to maintain.

Tips For Eco-Friendly Living

Save energy
Saving energy in your apartment complex can be accomplished in many ways. Lighting is one aspect that consumes power steadily and switches off lights when not required. Try to use more natural ambient light in the flat.

You may also use cost-effective bulbs like LED bulbs. The latter are energy-efficient and eco-friendly, and they are very durable and help you enjoy savings on energy bills.

Conserve water
Water is not an unlimited resource on earth, pristine water. To conserve water, one can use it with care. Avoid wasting water when not required, fix broken pipes and take shorter showers. One can also install water-saving devices like efficient washing machines and shower heads. It is an excellent idea to conserve water as much as possible. Conservation of water can lower utility bills and help protect the ecosystem.

Use Green Products For Cleaning

Standard house cleaning products contain toxic chemicals that harm health and result in air and water pollution. Research shows a connection between harmful cleaning products and health conditions like infertility, cancer and congenital problems. So, one can use green products like vinegar, baking soda and lime juice for making cleaning products. This help protects your health and saves the environment.

Add Plants

Most standard synthetic materials emit toxins called VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds). When these accumulate in a small space like 2 BHK apartments in Zirakpur, they can harm our health. In contrast, plants absorb harmful chemicals and emit oxygen. So, do add some plants in your apartment, like wall herb gardens in different rooms. Plants are environment-friendly, help clean the air, add a green ambience to the condo, and are cheaper than artificial air purifiers like HEPA devices.

Use Paint With Low VOC

Paints with low VOC contain low amounts of toxic compounds—the latter dimmish quality of indoor air and boost air pollution. Paints with low VOC dry faster and create rougher surfaces. In case you are moving into a new flat, you can request flat owners to paint its wall with soft VOC paint.

Provide Ventilation

To improve indoor air quality and make your flat eco-friendly, adopt the habit of offering good ventilation to your home. Throw your windows and doors wide open to usher in the fresh air and allow toxins and chemicals to go out. This is a great way to encourage natural lighting, and it also uses less power and helps save bills on air-conditioning.

Natural Control Of Temperature

An ideal way to cool down a warm room is by using curtains and window treatments. Window treatments offer shade from the sun, particularly in summer and conserve heat in winter. They are also an aesthetic addition to your apartment. Curtains also help lower heat transferred through windows. As per studies, draperies of medium colour with backing by white plastic can lower heat gains by a whopping 33%.

Reuse And Recycle

A zero-waste lifestyle is critical for eco-friendliness, and this lifestyle can be adopted by reducing consumption, reusing products and recycling objects. If you live in an eco-friendly community, you may have access to a standard recycling facility near your home, rendering it easy to dump your recyclable materials. If not, you can create recyclable systems (like compost pits), reduce consumption and reuse old items.

Buy Sustainable Goods

Much difference can be made by making small changes in eco-friendly flats in Zirakpur. For instance, substituting plastic bottles with mason jars is an excellent way to begin a zero-waste lifestyle. Always check whether objects are made of sustainable materials or mass-produced items on supermarkets’ shelves.