How to launch an on-demand food delivery app like Swiggy?

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People these days barely find time to cook. The immediate alternate solution is restaurants. But with long waiting lines and crowded seating areas, the appetite is no longer in halt. To cure all these blues, food delivery app like Swiggy came into action. Now getting food right at the doorstep is just a tap away. People are extensively convenient and can enjoy their favorite meal with the comfort of their cozy couch.

Among the topmost players in the worldwide food ordering and delivery industry, Swiggy is supreme. According to Swiggy, its revenues for the financial year 2019-20 are Rs 2,776 crore, an increase of 115 percent from the last year.

Swiggy works with business kitchens, non-governmental organizations, and state governments to provide meals to the needy, underprivileged, and stranded migrants. The company has also established a crowdfunding platform called Milaap, which allows individual donations. There is no doubt that the contribution is totally willful and can be deducted under section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961, if made by an Indian donor.

What is a Swiggy clone app?

Swiggy Clone is a readymade online food delivery service that works just like Swiggy – connecting restaurants and customers at one single platform, so customers can choose and order food from their favorite nearby restaurants or hotels. Customers can order food online and have it delivered right to their doors from restaurants within a short amount of time.

Customer details can be added here, such as address, phone number, and method of payment, so that the restaurant can locate the information quickly so they can deliver the food to the right person. In addition, restaurants can also list their food menu, payment methods, delivery details, and telephone numbers to provide a comfortable customer experience.

Workflow of Swiggy clone Script,

  • By entering their email address or their phone number, users can sign up for the app instantly.
  • According to the customer’s location, they are presented with a list of restaurants in their vicinity.
  • The customer can quickly add food to the cart and pay using any available payment method.
  • Orders are processed and packed for delivery by food establishments.
  • Delivery executives pick up deliveries from the restaurant.
  • Deliveries are made before the scheduled delivery time by the delivery executives.
  • The app provides customers with the ability to review and rate products.

Significant features of Swiggy clone app

An online food delivery app such as Swiggy requires the creation of four applications, one for the customer, one for the delivery executive, one for the restaurant, and one for the admin. The user experience is enhanced by the variety of features that are available in each app.

Let’s check out the app’s features from the customer’s and delivery’s point of view.

Customer’s app features:

  1. Users can enter their basic details to complete a quick sign-up process.
  2. Customers can surf through the list of available restaurants.
  3. Users can use the highly efficient search bar to find their favorite restaurants or dishes.
  4. Various payment methods are available to customers.
  5. Users can track their orders in real-time after successful confirmation of the order.
  6. Customers can share their ratings and feedback after delivery.

Delivery executive’s app features:

  • Delivery executives can register by entering the required details and begin their service once the admin has verified them.
  • The delivery person can schedule deliveries according to their availability.
  • Deliveries can be accepted or rejected by the delivery executives.
  • With GPS navigation, the app directs the delivery person to the restaurant and the client’s location.
  • The delivery executive can view the breakdown of commissions.
  • The app allows delivery executives to communicate directly with customers.

How to build an app like Swiggy

The Swiggy clone script is an alternative solution for creating an online food delivery application quickly. It costs a minimum of ten to fifteen thousand dollars to launch a food delivery app like Swiggy. The development cost of clone script is relatively low and is considered the most affordable solution. Swiggy clone app has a shorter turnaround time and includes unlimited features.

Revenue model:

Swiggy generates revenue in a variety of ways, including:
The owner of the app earns a commission for each order placed in the app.
Subscribers to the premium service can take advantage of a number of benefits and offers, as well as a few advanced features.
A restaurant’s name can be displayed at the top of the list for a fee, which is likely to gain users’ attention.
Restaurants and third-party enterprises are allowed to advertise in the app.

To conclude,

Modern consumers prefer eating food delivered directly to their homes over dining at a restaurant. Online food delivery apps are growing in popularity. With the Swiggy clone, you can meet these demands and ensure you don’t fall behind the competition. So, do not overthink and hire an on-demand food delivery app development company immediately to help you achieve success in your business and build a white-labeled ready-to-launch Swiggy clone app