How to Integrate Smart Home Devices into Your Rentals?


Smart home technology is a popular trend in real estate. Automation of basic home utilities like lighting and HVAC is the frontier of modern technology and innovation.

Landlords can take advantage of these trends, too. Smart home technology is increasingly accessible for reasonable prices. With a little investment up front, you can upgrade your units and provide a superb rental experience for your tenants.

Why should you integrate smart home technology? There are many benefits of automating your rentals. Improved security and safety, energy efficiency, and sustainability are among the many reasons smart home technology is a worthwhile investment in your rental business.

Here is a brief overview of the benefits of smart home technology and some tips for integrating smart home devices into your rentals. 


Security is perhaps the most well-known use for smart home technology. Here are a few ways smart home devices can protect your tenants and increase security in your rentals.

Smart Locks

Smart locks are Wi-Fi or Bluetooth enabled and can be controlled from a mobile device. For example, let’s say a tenant forgets to lock their unit while they’re away for the weekend. Instead of panicking or calling you to bail them out, tenants can simply lock their units remotely from their mobile devices.

With smart locks, your tenants can feel at ease that their homes are as secure as possible.

Remote Garage Door Controllers

Just like locks, garage doors can also be equipped with smart home security. Remote-controlled garage door openers are controlled directly on the user’s phone and can be used to open or close the garage door from anywhere. If your units have garages, consider this upgrade.

Smart Lights and Video Doorbells

Break-ins and burglaries tend to increase during the summer months. To protect your rentals, consider installing smart lights or video doorbells.

Smart lights are outdoor-friendly and can be installed on front porches. These lights are motion-sensitive and act as security for the outside of your rentals. Whenever they detect motion, smart lights will turn on and can even notify a security camera to start recording. If anyone attempts to break into your units, you’ll already have the vital evidence that you need.

Video doorbells are also an effective method of protecting your units. Video doorbells are activated whenever a visitor approaches. Your tenants can see who is at the door without opening it, a great feature to prevent theft, especially packages delivered to front porches. Tenants can both see and speak with the person outside and automatically record footage viewed later from any device.

Energy Efficiency

Smart home technology also prioritizes energy efficiency. Here are some ways that smart home tech discourages waste, monitors energy use, and reduces carbon emissions.

Smart Appliances and Utilities

Smart appliances are also Wi-Fi or Bluetooth enabled. They help tenants have more refined control over their utilities and limit energy waste.

For example, smart thermostats auto-control the temperature in your rentals and can keep track of energy usage over time.

Smart appliances replace gas-powered stoves and ovens and reduce your rental business’s carbon footprint.

Smart lights replace any energy-wasting incandescent bulbs you may still have in your rentals. Smart lights are usually LEDs and may also be turned on and off remotely. If your tenant forgets to turn off the lights before leaving for the day, they can do so from their phone and reduce their utility bill while also saving energy.

Many smart lights also support voice control, making them incredibly convenient. 

While smart appliances and utilities will probably require some investment up front, they will pay for themselves over time as they conserve energy.

Integration with Property Management Software

Smart home technology is only as effective as it can be comfortably integrated with the organization you already use in your rentals. Fortunately, smart home tech can be integrated with several property management software platforms.

For example, Appfolio offers integration with SmartRent, a smart home automation company. This company sells smart home hardware and software and can be integrated directly into your existing management on Appfolio.

If your platform has open API, you could also customize an integration with the smart home technology company of your choice. 

Make Renting Sustainable and Safe with Smart Home Devices

Smart home technology is no longer a prediction for the future. It is now increasingly available and affordable. With a little research and investment, you can reap its benefits for security, energy efficiency, and integration and prepare your rental business for the future of rental technology.