How to Install a Portable Air Conditioner Without Any Leaks?

Install Air Conditioner

We always choose comfort first. We do a lot of things for a comfortable life. So why not with temperature? An air conditioner can help you to control your room or home temperature during summer days. Now we are in mid-summer. So choose an air-conditioner and make it more comfortable. So now the problem occurs with how to install air conditioner. Installation of the portable air-conditioner is not too tough.

If you have all the parts along you can do it yourself within half an hour. But sometimes you may face a problem. So for you, we are discussing a complete guide and step-by-step overview and it contains the answers to frequently asked questions. Check here for the best air conditioning installation tips in San Diego.

Process of Portable Air Conditioner Installation:

The most important and notable thing in installing a portable air conditioner is its venting and drainage

  • In the process of venting, the hot air is exhausted and removed from the room to the outside. In the external atmosphere, the hot air dissipates naturally. However, in this guide, you can see how to vent through the window, and we explain your alternatives when window venting is not possible. 
  • For getting right the first time, the other critical thing is drainage. From the guide, you can get instructions on how to drain evaporative ACs and manual drain ACs.

Basic Safety Tips:

There are some important safety tips you have to keep in mind before you start setting up a portable air conditioner. For expert assistance, you can see here the top air conditioning installation in San Diego.

  • It’s better not to try to lift a portable AC alone yourself because a portable AC is very heavy to lift by one. It could seriously injure you. Ensure that if you are moving it on a flat surface, it has the caster wheels under it. In this case, you have to push gently to move it around. 
  • Do not connect a portable AC to a power extension or a power strip ever. Because portable ACs consume a lot of power when the compressor kicks on. It’s advisable to connect it to grounded electrical outlets only. 
  • It should be away from the reach of children. Kids should not play around with it. If it happens, then it could tip and get damaged or cause serious injury. 
  • You should plug it in only after you have completed the installation of a portable air conditioner, especially the exhaust and drain hoses. Make sure that the exhaust and drain hoses are full of water and airtight, and all the plasters or sealants have healed. 

Where To Place A Portable AC?

  • You should always place a portable air conditioner on a hard-level floor. It should be away at least 8 to 12 inches from the obstructions like furniture and flowers. You have to read the product manual to know the minimum clearance space from the wall. 
  • Avoid placing a portable AC on a desk, chair, or shelf ever. You can operate portable ACs on the floor. 
  • The ideal places for setting the portable air conditioner are near the outside window and near an electrical outlet. 
  • It’s better to place the portable air conditioner in the location from where the power cable can reach the outlet without stretching it too far. You should also check that the vent hose can reach the window without over-stretching it. 
  • You can get a vent hose, vent hose adapters, a window slide connector with a typical window kit.

Venting the Exhaust Properly:

When you are venting your air conditioner, try to place it near a window. It will become easier if you use the right kit. For precise venting, get the best air conditioning installation in San Diego.

  1. Install The Adjustable Window Kit:

Window kits are too useful and basically made for work with most kinds of windows. If you have a traditional up-down window operation, then try to place it at the bottom. For a side-to-side window, always place it on one side and extend it until it fills the height of the window. For a small window opening, you have to stream the kit. However, for a big window opening, you should place plywood. After adjusting, close the window to hold the slider kit in place.

  1. Connect the hose:

In the back part of your AC, attach the vent hose, and connect the other part of the hose to the window exhaust connector, which is usually a part of the window vent kit.

  1. Plugin the AC:

Then plug it into the AC. For your safety, you should not plug AC into the extension cord.

Always make your life more comfortable with the precise installation of portable air conditioners. Try to follow these tips while installing an AC. It will be helpful for you, and if you are not confident, you can call the best installation companies in San Diego. For those who are looking for installation service, you can see here to find air conditioning installation experts in San Diego.