How to find the perfect Personal Trainer for your goals

How to find the perfect Personal Trainer for your goals

If you have a fitness goal, and most of us do, then you’ve probably thought about working with a trainer. Let’s face it, we all could use a little push and fresh ideas, not to mention accountability. There are days when you just don’t feel like exercising, and someone to help you might be just what you need. This is where working with a personal trainer can come in handy.

So how do you find the right Los Angeles personal trainer for what YOU want? Finding a coach who specializes in your needs and can guide you towards your goals is not as difficult as you might think. If you’re looking for a step-by-step method for finding the right coach for you and your goals, keep reading.

Step 1: What do you want to do? What is your goal?

First, evaluate your goals. Know what you want before you start looking. The first step is to list your main fitness goal. For most, it’s either to lose weight, tone up, build muscle, or get better at a sport. After you list your main goal, start listing a number of other things you want to achieve. It’s helpful to let your personal trainer know because they can cater to your workouts to not only get you to your primary goal, but also work on your secondary goals.

Step 2: Where to find a coach

Secondly, you want to start buying an exercise machine. You have several options. If you are already a member of a gym (24 Hour, Bally’s), you can find out about personal training there. The disadvantage of working out in a large gym, especially with a personal trainer, is that it is often crowded and this can severely limit your workouts.

You can also find an independent personal trainer online. You can use any search engine like Google to find a trainer near you. Searches such as “Personal trainer in Long Beach” or “Personal training in Orange County” using your location will give you a large list of trainers to start your selection. These days, many personal trainers place most of their advertising online, so you’ll be able to see most of the good trainers there. Searching online is also a great option because you can usually get a better deal since many personal trainers are independent and set their own prices.

An added benefit is that you get a lot more attention than in a large corporate gym. Independent personal trainers work in smaller gyms with fewer participants and more freedom, which will directly benefit your workout by giving you more time with your trainer, fewer breaks and better workouts.

You may find that group setting is more suitable for you. Many personal trainers offer small group sessions where you can train with a friend. Inviting a friend can help keep you motivated and accountable for your goals and workouts. Long Beach has plenty of outdoor activities and “bootcamps” if you want to work out in the park or on the beach. Again, you can look them up online or call your local parks and recreation areas for park schedules.

Step 3: The interview process

Once you’ve decided what type of training you’d like to try, it’s time to start talking to personal trainers. Be sure to read each personal trainer’s website to know what they specialize in, what services they offer, and what their PRICES are. It is important to know in advance how much they charge, so that later you will not be surprised, avoid “selling under high pressure” and not feel in place. Set up several meetings with different trainers and write down a few questions you want to ask that are relevant to YOUR fitness goals.

Make sure each trainer has the following: At least a nationally recognized fitness certification (NASM, NSCA, ACE, etc.) and/or a degree in exercise or kinesiology. This is to ensure that the trainer is qualified to safely train and guide you. They should also receive ongoing training in CPR/AVD. Finally they need insurance! This is for your safety and protection. If you’re interviewing a personal trainer who doesn’t have that qualification and says it’s “not necessary”… get out!

Step 4: Making a decision

Now you come to the discussion of session rates. I hope you know how much each trainer charges before coming in for an interview. Ask if there are “special rates” or package deals that can help you get a discount if you buy more sessions. Make sure you are clear about the rates, special offers, and packages of this coach.

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