How to effectively reduce premature greying of hair?

organic hair pack
organic hair pack

The difference between normal greying and premature greying of hair

Normal greying of hair happens primarily because of age factors. As you grow old the skin cells stop producing melanin, the natural colour of hair and skin, which directly results in whitening of the hair strands. Premature greying, on the other hand, happens because melanin production gets reduced due to external factors like stress, pollution, etc. While normal greying cannot be reversed, premature greying can be effectively reversed by stimulating the tyrosinase enzyme to produce more melanin.

What is premature grey defence?

Premature grey defence is the countering of premature greying of hair with chemicals, organic hair pack, herbs, ointments or a change in diet. Ideally, to effectively counter premature greying of hair, you have to adopt multiple tactics together. For example, you can start applying a grey defence hair pack on your scalp and hair, change your diet as well as go for mental relaxation processes or tools like essential oils and/ or relaxing baths or massages.

Do you need a permanent solution for grey hair naturally?

If you are experiencing greying of hair at an early age, then you must go for a good and time-tested grey defence hair pack or an anti-grey hair treatment. But you must make sure that it is not packed with artificial chemicals or colourants, because chemicals would aggravate your condition further, particularly, if they have any kind of bleaching agent like hydrogen peroxide.

Most people, when they start noticing streaks of early greys on their head, they panic and they start applying all kinds of chemical based hair colours on their hair and scalp. This is not a good idea because the more chemicals you apply on your greys, the faster you will turn your other black hair too into whites.

Bleach, or peroxides, in chemical hair dyes, on repeated use, switches off the tyrosinase enzyme permanently, which results in turning even the previously black hair into permanent whites, thereby further aggravating the situation. So, the more hair colours you use to cover up your greys, the more you become dependent on the same hair colours, till it turns all your hair into permanent whites.

So, what is the way out?

The only way out is to go for a comprehensive grey hair reversal program. Such a program would include not just applying an organic and natural grey defence hair pack, but also adopt other remedies for grey hair treatment like adopting a suitable diet and relaxation techniques.

Indus Valley, a well-known brand in the organic beauty care segment, has come up with its 100% Organic Grey Defence Hair Pack, a product so brilliantly put together that you cannot get a more permanent solution for grey hair naturally. Made up of 15 organically grown exotic anti-greying herb extracts, it works perfectly for stimulating the production of collagen and melanin in the epidermal layers of the scalp. This directly assists in resisting early greys and even reversing premature greying. A dual-effect powder for grey hair, it also comes loaded with vital nutrients, minerals, antioxidants, antibacterial and antifungal properties that make hair soft, silky, healthy and strong. The organic hair pack will give you visible results from the very first application itself.

Why is Indus Valley 100% Organic Grey Defence Hair Pack the best there is for countering greys?

Indus Valley 100% Organic Grey Defence Hair Pack is best for countering greys because of the following reasons:

  1. It is made up of 100% certified organic ingredients, i.e. 15 super-exotic anti-greying herbs and oils that reverse premature greying effectively.
  2. It has no added chemicals whatsoever, i.e. it has no PPD or its derivatives, it has no ammonia, no ethanolamines, no peroxides, no resorcinols, no heavy metals, no parabens, no mineral oils, no PEGs, no preservatives, no artificial fragrances and colours, not even fertilizers and pesticide residues.
  3. It is a hypoallergenic hair pack, i.e. it suits all types of skin and hair including hypersensitive and allergy-prone scalp.
  4. It gets processed in FDA approved facility, and undergoes ISO and GMP compliant processing. Further, it comes as certified organic by ECOCERT and USDA Organic. It is also a vegan and a cruelty-free hair pack that is dermatologist tested and is a halal certified hair pack.

In case you have any queries on how to defend early greying of hair and reverse it feel free to talk to our beauty care and health professionals. Till then, cheers!