How To Design Custom Printed Hair Extension Boxes With Designers

How To Design Custom Printed Hair Extension Boxes With Designers

Custom printed hair extension boxes keep everything organised. Think about it in terms of labels that tell you what you’re buying. If you choose the same box you sell pizza in, won’t you be tricking and ultimately losing potential customers? The things we put our products in are important.

To help overcome this, a great technique called designing on customised hair extension packaging proves to be the way brands go nowadays.

With custom hair extension boxes, you can design and tailor the boxes according to your needs and create an exterior that’s pretty looking. Designing boxes refers to the visual aspects of the exterior of a product box. In this case, your hair extension.

So you’ve decided to hire an expert packaging designer? Here are also keep an eye out for extra charges, pricing of packaging, and other factors.

Graphics With Or Without Expert Designers 

Custom hair extension boxes come in all shapes and sizes. They are so versatile that almost any kind of design can become the new trend.

When designing in coordination with an expert, you’ve got to imagine the desired outcomes you’d like for the hair extension packaging. Work on the draft, send it to a professional, and keep kmprosong it with feedback.

A professional designer is also really helpful in giving you exactly the advice you need. And if they have experience in the cosmetic industry, they’ll know what works and what doesn’t. 

Here is a short note on how the process of designing a hair extension box works. 

Process Of Designing Custom Printed Hair Extension Boxes

The process of designing custom printed hair extension boxes is complex. Here is an introduction to get you started.

Selecting Material & Understanding Layers

You can select material from many options like Cardboard, Rigid, Kraft etc.

Choosing The Box By Style & Industry

You can use different boxes by styles like mailer or sleeve packaging and choose the industry you’d like to work in (in this case the hair extension packaging industry)

Setting The Measurements Right

You need to know the weight and length of your product to come up with the perfect size of the box.

Lining Up The Printer

Next up is choosing the printing features and options. Getting your logo ready and choosing what techniques to use.

Evaluating The Elements

You can further evaluate the elements you’d like to add like ribbons, thread handles etc.

Getting The Files Ready

These files are a draft of the design you’d like to have on the custom printed hair extension boxes.

Executing With The Best Techniques

This step requires you to choose a reliable packaging company to collaborate and design with. And then finally execute with the best of technologies and stand on the shelf with confidence.

Why You Should Collaborate With Cosmetic Packaging Companies

There are many reasons you should use custom printed boxes and even more so to hire a designer when structuring them. Following are some short points. 

They Know What They Are Doing

A professional designer at a packaging company knows the trend shifts the industry is going through. And works to keep up your hair product boxes with it. 

They Know the Industry Better Than Anyone

Designing is an art that requires both creativity and systems to truly touch hearts, And since hiring a designer helps you with both the integral parts, you can let them take the wheel and hop in to check once in a while.

Box Designers Know Trend Shifts

As described above, your packaging boxes for hair extensions need to match customer requirements to be proved as worthy. And designers who know trend shifts keep up with them and work hard to tell the story through packaging elements.

FAQs About Designing Custom Printed Hair Extension Boxes

Where To Get A Designing Facility for Hair Extension Boxes?

Many packaging companies offer complete design support to manufacturers. You can get hair extension box designs with pre-made templates. Or you can design your own by reaching out to cosmetic packaging companies like Get Cosmetic Boxes.

How Do I Design My Hair Packaging

It’s fairly easy since we aren’t stuck in the 90’s. With the help of cosmetic packaging businesses, you can hire a professional to give the boxes a makeover and design with hundreds of features on hair extension boxes.

How to Create A Hair Extension Box Template

You can use Adobe Illustrator to create a mock up design, send it to your designer, and then come up with a real life version of it!

Can A Designer Help Illustrate My Box Ideas

Yes, absolutely. At companies like Get Cosmetic Boxes,  you can add a special and unique touch to whatever it is you’re creating and a designer will help you reach the next level of packaging.