How To Design Cost-Effective Wholesale Perfume Packaging Boxes

Custom Perfume Boxes
Custom Perfume Boxes

Designing is an important factor to consider while selling perfumes. But is it worth the extra costs? The true route to cost-effective wholesale perfume packaging boxes is insider tips. Keep reading to find them out!

Let’s be honest, we all aren’t just carved to sell for the first few days of our business. Especially with the tough competition of men and women perfumes. It’s a vast market that doesn’t let anyone stay without a good formula. But is it really just that?

Misconceptions have been rolling out ever since the beginning of the cosmetic packaging industry. Is custom packaging for perfumes costly? Will I need a lot of budgets to create custom boxes for my perfumes?

The answer is no. You don’t have to do so.

It’s not just the quantity of your perfumes, it’s the quality of your custom packaging. As long as you have the perfect packaging, you are able to sell more. True, the scented product matters, but it’s the outer layer of packaging that will get customers to try your product. Let’s learn how to design cost effective packaging that sells more with less.

Custom Perfume Wholesale Pcakaging
Custom Perfume Wholesale Pcakaging

What Are Wholesale Perfume Packaging Boxes?

Wholesale perfume packaging boxes are the best solution for any brand. They are the easiest to customize and delve straight into your start up perfume brand! These custom packages are a blank canvas, ready to be used by creative minds. Used to enhance the outlook of a product, these glorious boxes come in different sizes and shapes.

Wholesale perfume packaging boxes are a great way to boost up the initial sales of a brand and innovate the visual appearance. With different styling options, perfume packaging boxes can be designed for unique brands, each with a printed logo of requirement.

How To Create Cheap Wholesale Perfume Packaging Boxes

Not everyone has the same budget to spend. With different custom packaging technologies, one might go for the most expensive one in order to look great, but your wholesale perfume packaging boxes are not made for that.

Not everything is sometimes the right option. Here are some of the best tips on how to create cheap and cost effective wholesale perfume boxes, but with the quality still intact.

Choose Cost-Effective Options on Market

There are so many options available in the industry. Some are the best, while some packaging materials aren’t just always made to fit your product. Using the right packaging material is the only way to ensure the safety of your branded perfumes.

If your wholesale custom cosmetic boxes are solid, with a build up base, they are more likely to save your perfumes from horrendous situations. This immediately protects and reduces the chances of them breaking. This can be a great factor to consider if you are struggling with broken perfumes and bad reviews.

Some of the best options are:

  1. E-flute Corrugated Boxes
  2. Corrugated Boxes
  3. Kraft Boxes
  4. Cardstock Boxes
  5. Cardboard Boxes

Use Inexpensive Material & Right Style of Product Packaging

With so many styles now being normalised, every shape and style is another step to winning the heart of perfume lovers. Your scents can be made with the most expensive material, but the lightness of the boxes and weight fullness of the perfume will not mix together. 

This is why both the features need to be on point for your perfume packaging. The most inexpensive and wholesale packaging material are:

  1. Paperboard Boxes
  2. Corrugated Boxes
  3. Rigid Boxes

Moreover, the style also serves a part in making your boxes cost effective and cheap. If you choose these options, you have a chance to make it pit without your wholesale perfume packaging boxes budget being upset!

The best styles that reduce the cost of your wholesale perfume packaging are:

  1. Gift Box Style
  2. Mailer Box Style
Custom Perfume Boxes
Custom Perfume Boxes

Simple Ways to Reduce the Cost of Customized Perfume Boxes

Here are some of the best ways to make your final perfume product packaging box budget list less costly:

Make The Packages Small

Sometimes, having too many customized wholesales perfume packaging boxes cost more than we think. Try to use less space and give your perfumes only what they need by taking the minimum of spaces in the box.

Use Less & Gain More

Don’t go overboard with inserts and add ons. More materials don’t mean more credibility. Instead, try to use that extra money on something that makes a lasting impression. Like foiling and stamping your logo.

Different Products Under the Same Roof

Try to use a mailer box for a subscription module. You can give mailer perfume packaging boxes and add products under a single roof.

The ones that belong to a single collection can be added in a mailer, or even the most spontaneous or your perfumes can be added in the wholesale perfume packaging. It depends on your custom perfume box requirements.

Where Can You Design Custom Wholesale Perfume Boxes

Choosing the right company is the first and foremost factor to consider. Your perfumes need the best quality of custom boxes that protect them with their best ability.

At GetCosmeticBoxes, you are given full freedom to choose what’s best for your brand with a variety of options. As the leading custom cosmetic packaging company, the designing team of GCB will help you reduce your costs by giving you insider tips and methods!

Designing of Wholesale Perfume Packaging Boxes is an important factor to consider while selling perfumes. But is it worth the extra costs