How To Decorate Your Home During Upcoming Diwali Festivity?

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Diwali is one of the most celebrated festivals, not only in India, but also for Hindus in various parts of the world. It is mainly marked on the return of lord Rama to Ayodhya after spending 14 years in the wilderness to save his father, king Dushratha from disgrace. It is said that on the night of this happy occasion the Goddess Luxmi, the giver of riches and good fortune  is said to visit the home of her devotees to wish them heartily for a prosperous future ahead.

People from various age groups can be seen cleaning and decorating their homes creatively as this celebratory occasion is approaching at a rapid speed. They worship their most preferred Goddess and serve her with fresh fruits in addition to tasty meals and delightful sweets in hope of receiving blessings from her. Men and women start shopping for this event much earlier than it actually comes. They get extra busy in purchasing items that are essential for adding an extra edge to the festivity. Browse through the below mentioned tips to give your home an entire new look during the  upcoming festive season.

Focus On Illuminating Your Living Space:

Living space of your home is one of the areas that falls to the notice of all the guests. As they are planning to enter your property during the festive season. With this being said special attention must be paid to the beautification of this area . There are many ways out for this. But the workable ones among them are to sprinkle it with colored and illuminating LED lights. Consider using light colored covers to protect furniture such as chairs and sofa sets from gathering dust and dirt.

Moreover, creative artwork can be apply on false ceilings. Give a classy finishing touch to the room by using gorgeous curtains of a light color along the wooden floors or soft rugs. Think about painting your home  a light color to make it appear brighter. There are many hues of various colors available in the market. You can start by creating a small patch of the area that you are willing to beautify to check  whether it works or not.

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Add a sweet fragrance to your home with fresh and brightly colored marigold blossoms. These buds can often be effective conversation starters during the celebratory event. 

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Use Floral Decoration In The Garden:

Did you have a beautiful garden outside your residence? Then do not miss the golden opportunity to use farm fresh buds to give a new look to this area. Such projects are not as tough as most people may be thinking and all you need to have is a creative bent of mindset. Hang the flowers elegantly with pillars and railings using tapes at least one end. This will certainly reveal your high taste to a great extent. 

Also, the decoration of the prayer area is a major center of attraction. During the festival of lights due to worship of Goddess Luxmi at night. The mesmerizing smell of elegant blossoms are usually power to help you establish an eternal connection with God through optimum concentration. Let the lights of this area on for the whole night to welcome the giver of riches and good fortune. Who is consider to visit your estate somewhere at midnight. 

Deck All the Doors On Your Home:

Although this step comes a little late, it is no less important than the ones discussed earlier.  Make a point to use brightly colored buds in various shapes and sizes for this purpose. You have the option of leaving the flowers at their place as a sign of warm welcome till they start drying up and  wilt away. 

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