How to decide which area needs house extension and what about planning permission?


Are you a homeowner who thinks that extension can be added to your place or not? Indeed, making your place just like the way you imagined can only be done by professionals. With the New Build Contractors, you can be sure that every step or work they do is done with perfection. In addition, they will suggest to you those options which are ideal for the House Extensions Gerrards Cross. Now. Let’s talk about this in detail.

Making the choice on which areas need the extension

In some cases, the ideal location is obvious but sometimes you need to carefully make the final call. By doing so, the rear extension for the project will make sense. In case, you want a space where more racks need to be added, then you can make the entrance stylish.

But, make sure that while you choose the extension you carefully analyze the restrictions. In some cases, adding the first-floor extension is pretty difficult. In case, you want a semi-detached house or detached house then go for the 2 story side extension. Once you have made the choice you need to get in touch with the architect and get the work started.

Look for an experienced architect

House extension is one of the most important improvements which you can make. Not only does it add value to the house but you can also get a space to do additional stuff or you are using the space wisely. While looking for the architect make sure that you choose someone who is accredited and check their previous work to get a better idea of how they do the work.

Consider the cost of building a house extension

To get an insight into the cost factor you should talk to the residential architects, who have experience regarding the project. In addition, you can show them the plan and with every detailed specification, they can tell you better about the investment which you need to make. When you talk to the professionals you will understand better what they want & how the specifications will be met.

Planning permission for the house extension

In most cases, the need for planning permission is not there as these are covered by the PD (Permitted Development). The rules of the PD are set by the national government. Say for the ground floor rear extensions it can go up to 8 meters which is for the detached house and then an 8-week wait is needed for the decision to arrive. In case, you are not sure how and when the planning permission is needed then it is better that you talk to the architect.

Understand the key consideration for the extension project

It is not just about the planning rules, the focus needs to be put on the building regulations. In many cases, there are different variations and it is essential to work accordingly. Like if there is an extension happening on your property then it should not affect the neighbor’s building. So, it is better to take help from the experts.