How To Cook Basmati Rice In A Pressure Cooker?


Rice is a gluten-free and healthy whole grain component of a quickly prepared dinner. When it comes to India, it is also considered to be the staple food of Arunachal Pradesh. In this article, I have shared a step-by-step guide on how to cook basmati rice in a pressure cooker. So just keep reading…

Basmati rice is one of the exotic species of rice found in India. It is a special type of rice that is basically renowned for its unique fragrance and long grains. It also needs to be cooked in a careful and unique way, or it might spoil the quality of the rice. Thus, cooking Basmati rice can be a hectic process. The traditional way of cooking the basmati rice is by boiling the rice in water and then draining the extra water to get a bowl of good-quality rice. To reduce this troublesome process of cooking Basmati, we have mentioned the unique technique by which you can cook Basmati rice in a pressure cooker. You must also try 15-Minutes Fried Chicken Breast with Asparagus if you are a chicken lover

Steps Involved In Cooking The Rice In A Pressure Cooker

Step-1: To cook Basmati Rice in a Pressure Cooker, you must select long-aged rice and clean them accordingly. You must clean the rice in a bowl and rinse it until the water gets clear. Washing the rice will help to reduce the starch from the rice.

Step-2: Soak the rice as this will help in reducing the cooking time. On the other hand, it will ensure that you don’t get broken rice grains.

Step-3: The water content used while cooking the rice in a pressure cooker is crucial. If you cook rice with lots of water, then your rice will become sticky and extra soft. If you are a fan of stiff rice grains and want to consume the rice with gravy and more, then you can always reduce the water content in the pressure cooker.

Step-4: Few people use salt while cooking basmati rice in the cooker. This helps to get fluffy and non-sticky rice.

Step-5: Close the lid carefully and always be careful that there is no rice grain left on the walls of the pressure cooker. Further, place the cooker on the stove and try to keep the flame on medium.

Step-6: Wait for two whistles, and then allow the steam to rest.

Note- Never rush to open the lid of the pressure cooker, or it might make the rice sticky, and it will even break the grains. At the same time, opening a pressure cooker with such a technique is risky.

Once the steam is gone, you can open the pressure cooker and enjoy your Basmati rice. It could be served with lentils or even with curries. It is one of the best choices for making fried rice. While eating you can watchcartoononline with your kids.

Final Words

I hope this brief guide on how to cook basmati rice in a pressure cooker will prove to be quite useful for you and help you serve a delicious dinner.