How to Clean Moonstone & Maintain Their Brilliance


The gemstones with the striking appearance and shimmery glow, Moonstones are the cherished beauty of the past. These stones aren’t exactly tough, which is part of why they have such a beautiful gleam.

If you plan to buy moonstone jewelry, there are specific care tips to follow to maintain its shine.

Cleaning The Moonstone

With the right and the proper care, you can make your moonstone jewelry pieces to last a lifetime. However, there are many methods of cleaning a moonstone. You can clean it every day, or you can clean its bad energy to re-energize.

  • Be Soft While Maintaining The Moonstone Jewelry

When it comes to moonstone ring or any jewelry pieces, you must treat them like your most cherished jewelry piece.

When cleaning the house, lifting heavy items, or going to the gym, remove your moonstone pieces.

Moonstones are delicate and can react to the harsh cleaning agents and the chemicals they carry. These chemicals can create the stone to change its composition and even cause breaks on the surface through degradation.

If you enjoy lifting weights at the gym, removing your moonstone is essential. It is because moonstones are delicate, and the slight touch with the other metal can harm the gemstone or break it into pieces.

Always store your moonstone in appropriate boxes. It will save your moonstone earrings, pendants from harm and further keep your jewelry safe.

  • Cleaning it The Old Way

Moonstone being a delicate gemstone, cannot be cleaned with ultrasonic or steam cleaners. These cleaners can harm the gem and can alter the natural texture or might take the sheen away. Instead, you can use the warm, soapy water with the mild detergent and clean it with soft, gentle hands.

If you want to save yourself from the hassle, then you can also use DIY. They are pretty simple and gives the best results from simple use.

Tip: Soak your beautiful jewelry in the lemon water and baking soda solution for about five minutes. Take the jewelry out and pat it dry with a soft cloth.

  • Using Vibration

The subtle way of caring for the moonstone jewelry is to remove negative vibrations and recharge it with the new positive vibrations. Moonstones are good at healing, so they quickly catch the negative energies. By simply restoring it, They can present the serene to the wearer.

They have been believed to be part of the more expansive universe and were the carrier of moon energies; placing them under the moonlight or in the full moon can give the best possible results.

You can also recharge the moonstone by taking them to the nearest river, stream, or ocean.

Carefully hold the moonstone jewelry under the water. Let the vibrations of nature cleanse the stone, providing it with the heating element.

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