How to Clean Carpets Professionally

Clean Carpets

Carpet cleaning is important because if you do not frequently clean up your carpets, they start giving off a very unpleasant smell even if they are not stained. Carpets tend to wear out and get damaged if you don’t take care of them. Moreover, they get stained very easily, especially when you have kids at home. Most of the time, these stains are due to food spills. If you have light-colored carpets, dust and dirt take their toll on them much faster than on dark-colored carpets. This is why you need to do regular clean-up of your carpets. You can do the cleaning process yourself or hire a professional for it. Here are some of the methods that professionals use to clean carpets. These methods effectively clean the carpets and give them a very fresh and new look. Let’s have a look at them.

1- Water Extraction Method

A commonly used method for cleaning carpets professionally is the water extraction method. Common water extractors which are also known as steam cleaners are used in this method. The carpet is cleans by first injecting a cleaning solution into it, which is extracts back into the machine afterward. However, you must make sure to buy a model that does not require a clean water connection to avoid dragging hoses around the house. Moreover, you must buy a powerful washer to reduce the strain caused during the extraction of the water. Here’s how you can implement this method.

Important Steps to Follow

  • Vacuum the carpet first and mix the cleaning solution before adding it to the machine.
  • Start on the other side of the door, so you don’t step on the cleaned areas.
  • Make sure that you don’t pour the extra solution on the carpet to extract it easily. Also, ensure that all the water is extracts, so the carpet gets dry quickly. The process is time-consuming, so you must be patient throughout.
  • To make sure that your carpet gets dry quickly, turn on the fan in the room. Vinegar can use for the removal of the residual fluid.

2- Absorbent Compound

Cleaning with absorbent compounds is more often regards as the dry-cleaning method. In this

method, absorbents attract dirt and other materials to the carpet. A brush uses to disperse the compound and tear the soiled fibers. The compound used is adhesive and hence separates the dust from the carpet fibers. After that, the carpet is a vacuum with a commercial dry vacuum. This technique is great for those who want a thorough cleaning but want to avoid the use of water. Dry Cleaning is great for offices that need carpets to get dry faster. However, the absorbent compound to dry clean carpets can be harsh, so proper ventilation is essential.

3- Carpet Bonnet Cleaning

The bonnet cleaning method to clean the carpets mainly focuses on just cleaning the surface, unlike the methods discussed previously. Basically, in this method, the carpet’s surface is polished to remove dirt and grime stuck on it. Bonnet cleaning is mainly use in large hotels that need the carpets to cleans more often. Furthermore, it is the quickest method of carpet cleaning and properly changes the appearance of your carpet. However, it is not a permanent solution. Dust at the bottom of the surface will eventually rise and come on the top. As a result, you might still need to follow other cleaning methods like dry cleaning afterward.

4- Carpet Shampoo

Carpet shampoo is an old method that cleans a carpet professionally and is still used by some people. With time, this method has undergone several changes and is now defined as per the technology used. When you shampoo your carpet, apply a foaming agent and work it into the carpet with a brushing machine. A wet vacuum is then run to remove the shampoo and any dirt attached to it. The carpet takes a long time to dry. A subsequent dry vacuum removes all residue.

5- Encapsulation Method For Carpet Cleaning

Encapsulation is the most professional technique for cleaning carpets. It uses a synthetic foam cleaner which is moved all over the carpet with a brushing machine. The foam starts setting onto the carpet surface and ultimately changes into a fine powder. The powder is then encapsulated in the air with all the dirt present. This method is prefer over carpet shampoo because no residue is left behind. Also, the use of water in this method is very low. However, it is not suitable for every situation.

Most professional carpet cleaners won’t recommend using this method on carpets that have strong fibers because it’s not that effective on them. The methods shared above are very effective in cleaning the carpets. Moreover, with the help of these methods, carpets are clean in a very professional way. You will see professional carpet cleaners using any of the methods shared above, and you can go for any of them to clean your carpets.