How to Choose the Best Baby Changing Table for Your Business’s Restroom: A Guide

How to Choose the Best Baby Changing Table for Your Business's Restroom: A Guide

When a baby’s gotta go, a baby’s gonna go… 

Installing a baby changing table in your business’s restroom is important to keep your business accessible to a variety of people and families. 

Do you know how to choose the best changing table for your business’s restroom? Read on for a comprehensive guide on types of changing tables, and what you need to keep in mind to remain ADA compliant.

What Is A Baby Changing Table?

Baby changing tables are used for changing a baby’s diaper. They’re designed to assist parents with safely changing diapers, either at home or out and about. 

Home changing tables include storage solutions for baby care supplies. Other baby tables are more streamlined in appearance, and take up as little room as possible in a commercial or community restroom.

Changing tables come with a changing pad. This is a rectangular cushioned surface with three raised edges. This shape cradles the baby, making it harder for the baby to move around and easier for the parent to finish the job! 

Most changing pads have a secure non-slip base.

Types Of Baby Changing Tables

For at-home changing tables, storage is a big priority. When working in a commercial space, however, you want to find a small changing table that maximizes the remaining space in the room.

Some changing tables have rail barriers on all sides to prevent the baby from wriggling off. You can also find tables with straps to gently hold the baby in place. 

Community restrooms often attach changing tables to the wall with hinges, allowing the table to fold away when not in use. 

Choosing Materials 

Parents around the world have become more interested in eco-friendly alternatives and sustainable childcare options. 

Organic changing tables have changing pads covered in cotton. For sanitary reasons, opt for a changing pad covered in vinyl. This is easier to clean and sanitize than porous fabric is!

Things to Consider When Choosing a Changing Table

Now that you know a bit more about how some changing tables lend themselves to commercial spaces more than others do, let’s look at other considerations you need to keep in mind. 

Check out changing tables designed specifically to work in commercial areas. These tables will be used by hundreds of different families, so you want to prioritize easy cleaning, sufficient surface area, and functionality. 


Make sure to choose and install changing tables at the correct height. Install the table at 34-inches above ground to ensure parents of every height can use them. To increase accessibility, you can have a footstool in the restroom for very short parents to use.  


The ADA mandates that baby changing stations must be located in easily accessible places, with no obstructions. These regulations also enforce that changing tables must be present in both women’s and men’s public restrooms. 

When facing the changing table, you’re required to have 30-inches by 48-inches of clear floor space. This is so a parent using a wheelchair can make use of the table. 


When choosing a table for a community space, storage isn’t really important. What matters is having somewhere for the parent to place their baby care bag on top of. 

Standard changing pads are 17-inches by 33-inches. Changing tables should be 18-inches deep so the pad can safely fit.

Install the Right Baby Changing Table Today

Now that you know everything about choosing the perfect baby changing table for your business’s restroom, you can confidently install changing tables that you know parents will be grateful for. 

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