How to Choose Pressure Washing Professionals: A Guide

How to Choose Pressure Washing Professionals: A Guide

Having a clean workplace or home is important for boosting the appeal of your property. Whether your goal is to attract new customers or impress your neighbors, pressure washing professionals are here to help.

Having your property pressure washed provides many benefits including increased safety, reduced liability, and cleaner spaces. But how does one go about choosing the best professional pressure washer for the job?

In this guide, we’ll take a look at what you need to consider in order to find the company that’s right for you. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know.  

What Do You Need to Have Washed?

There are many pressure washing professionals available for hire all with different skillsets. Some specialize in residential cleaning, while others commercial. Before hiring, consider the exact areas you’d like washed and write them down. 

The most common places in need of pressure washing for homeowners are roofs, siding, and driveways. Some of these services require special detergents to effectively remove grime, grease, or mold. Take a look at the types of materials that need cleaning as well, as some professionals only work with concrete, vinyl, or wood.

For commercial spaces, consider which areas have the most foot traffic. Parking garages, walkways, and dumpsters are the most  common areas  and need regular cleaning to reduce liability. 

Get a Few Quotes

After you’ve figured out the exact areas you need pressure washed, call around to a few companies and get a direct quote. To get an idea of these costs beforehand, research the average prices and figure out a budget that works for you. 

Most professional pressure washers follow a “cost per square foot” pricing model; however, this isn’t always the best option. For commercial warehouses or apartment complexes, it’s best to use a company that charges per hour or a flat rate to save money on costs. But, for residential homes, calculating the costs per square foot is often much cheaper.

While cost is important, it’s not always the deciding factor. Sometimes the cheapest option will cut corners in order to keep costs low. Find out what each company’s process is, the detergents they use, their insurance coverage, and whether or not they have any quality guarantees before making agreements.

Read the Reviews

Now that you’ve gotten an idea of what needs to be completed, a cost estimate, and a few companies in mind, take a look at the reviews. Read over a handful of reviews from each company and note what their clients are saying. It’s wise to look at reviews with all star rating levels to get an accurate picture.

By looking through the reviews, you’ll discover which companies focus on client satisfaction, do the best work, and which ones aren’t worth it. Use the information you find here to determine the quality of the company and finalize your decision.

Hiring Pressure Washing Professionals

The key to hiring pressure washing professionals is to know what you need done and find a company that’s the perfect fit. Looking at the reviews is a great way to finalize your decision and work with a company that prioritizes your satisfaction. 

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