How to Buy Textured Brick Wallpaper on Your Budget?

textured brick wallpaper

If you’re on a budget, the most straightforward approach to saving money is measuring and preparing ahead of time. Because high-quality Textured Brick Wallpaper may be costly, you don’t want to buy and utilize more than you need. It is especially crucial if your wall design style requires exact matching at certain spots on a pattern.

Continue reading to learn how to save money when purchasing wallpaper for your next project.

  1. Begin by measuring the area of the wall you want to cover. Make a room map with the height, breadth, and length of each wall. Make every effort to create the map to scale so that the drawing is proportionate to the room’s actual construction.
  2. Draw windows and doors, on your map. Would you mind making a note of the dimensions for each of them?
  3. Then figure out how much space there is between the holes in the walls. Measure the length of the wall from the corner to the window’s edge.
  4. When you’re ready, utilize an online calculator to determine how many rolls you’ll need. Lowe’s provides an easy wallpaper calculator on their website that you can use to figure out how much wallpaper you’ll need. You may also bring your measurements into the store and have the cashier perform the calculations for you.
  5. Make sure you’re getting the appropriate amount of rolls before you buy. Wallpaper is usually supplied or made in double or triple rolls. However, it is generally priced and measured in single rolls.
  6. Check the product’s width as well. European wallpaper is typically 20.5 inches wide.
  7. Always ask the cashier if the pricing is for a single roll or a double role when calculating the price. You don’t want to make a decision only to have to return it because it costs twice as much as you expected. For example, the retailer’s price maybe $15 for a single roll, but the double roll will cost you $30 at the cash register.
  8. Inquire with the store clerk about whether the product you want to buy is “drop match” or “straight match.” A drop match must often match up at particular locations, which means you’ll have more leftover, unused parts after your job. On the other hand, a straight game may be aligned with another piece of the same wallpaper at any time.
  9. Purchase from a retailer that has a generous return policy, allowing you to return any unused or unopened rolls. Purchase one or two additional rolls if possible to ensure that you have enough for your project. You can then return whatever you don’t use.
  10. On each roll, look for the run or dye lot number. If this number does not match, the colors will slightly but alter. Don’t start rolling until you’ve checked all of the rolls.


Textured Brick Wallpaper is a popular and universally appealing style if you want to invest in the long-term charm of your home. It provides a rustic appeal that can transform any home, regardless of size or location. It adds a texture and a burst of color that the paint can’t match.