How to Become a Better Home Brewer

Better Home Brewer

CedarStoneIndustry, based in Houston, Texas, are suppliers of a range of beer making equipment, including those used for conical brewing. They say that there are various items that are essential for those in the industry and for those who want to get started with brewing at home. The items required for home brewing will obviously be smaller and far less technologically advanced than those required by industry brewers, but according to CedarStoneIndustry, if you are committed to becoming better at brewing, there are certain items that will help.


When it comes to transferring wort to a fermentation bucket, a pump or gravity is generally used. With pumps costing upwards of $100, most people will go the gravity route. However, with an auto-siphon, the process is much simpler. The siphon comes with a pump that needs to be primed, but after thatthe beer can be quickly and easily transferred from vessel to vessel. It is worth noting though that it can be difficult to sanitize some auto-siphons.

Immersion Wort Chiller

A wort chiller is considered by many in the industry as one of the most important pieces of equipment as they reduce the risk of contamination. As you may already know, one aspect of brewing involves the rapid chilling of the wort from its boiling point. It is vital that you can chill the wort as quickly as possible as the longer this process takesthe higher the chance of microbial contamination.

An immersion wort chiller is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to cool wort and works by drawing water from an external source, such as a faucet (either internal or external). The cold water is passed through the coils on the chiller and then back out again.


You might already be using a hydrometer to measure how your beer is fermenting. A refractometer can be used instead of a hydrometer and measures how much sugar has dissolved in a specific solution. A major benefit of using refractometers instead of hydrometers is that you only need to test a few drops of liquid instead of a full test jar. Something worth noting in relation to refractometers is that they need to be calibrated with distilled water to get the most accurate readings.

Digital Thermometer

You are likely to be using a thermometer already, but you may not be using a digital one. If not, then the switch to digital is highly recommended. Although digital thermometers are more expensive, they are one of the most efficient ways to get accurate readings. You may even be able to find a thermometer with a built-in alarm that will alert you when the liquid has reached the desired temperature.

Wort Aerator

Something that can massively improve the quality of your beer is the aeration of the wort before you pitch the yeast. Although it is not an essential piece of equipment, a wort aeration system will make an enormous difference, especially for beers with higher gravity.


When you start your home brewing hobby, you might invest in a home brewing kit that will contain all the necessary equipment to get you started. But as with all hobbies, the more you get into itthe more you will learn about different items that can improve the quality of your beer and make the process more enjoyable.

Whether you are brewing beer for your own enjoyment or are looking to the future in the hopes of setting up your own independent brewery, upgrading your equipment can make all the difference and drastically improve the quality of your beer.