How to avoid Orlando car rental under-25 fee?


Car rental agencies don’t like to rent their cars to novice drivers especially the ones below the age of 25. This is why they charge young driver fee which is often a lot more than the normal rate. It is particularly pleasant that you want to explore at this age but completely baseless that you have to spend double to do that. Drivers under 25 are likely to cause more accidents in comparison to experienced drivers. So, which car rental company have you finalized?

It is important that you make a comparison of the different companies and check out their under-25 surcharges before making a final decision. The fees vary wildly. Hence you should go through the terms and conditions of every company to know about it in detail.

Tips to avoid under-25 fee:

  1. If you are working for a company with a corporate rental code, then you can use it, even if you aren’t traveling for business. Usually the agreement of the corporate with rental car company stipulates no young driver fee. So, you will not be charged extra.
  2. If you are a government personnel travelling for work-related issues or military personnel, then your young driver fee can be waived.
  3. Lastly, if you are travelling with someone above the age of 25, then you can rent on their name and get your name added as an additional driver. Some companies don’t charge a single penny extra for it. However, you should check about it before making the booking.

Though Orlando car rental under 25 may cost you a little extra, but you need to ensure that you spend in your budget. It is done precisely to cover the risk of the car and the driver. Young drivers are prone to making mistakes when driving a car, hence this additional fees covers them. It covers the cost of damage to the car, mechanical issues, errors and recovery from collision.

Though under -25 driver can book the best cars but it is beneficial if they pick a basic car for this purpose. It will help them get the best deals at reasonable rates. Going for high segment cars will add to your car rental as well as surcharge as maintenance for these cars is more.

What does an under-25 driver need to rent a car?

In order to rent a car, a young driver should meet the eligibility criteria of the rental car company. It comprises of a valid driver’s license, credit card in the name of the young man without sufficient credit. You may also own a debit card, but not all car rental companies accept it.

Renting a car in Orlando is fun. It is extremely cheap and you get the most reasonable and affordable deals here. Also, if you are on a tour, then choosing public transport services for your tour and travel may be chaotic and tiring. Car rental is a great option to see around Orlando, no matter you are a youth or oldie. Just book your car at CARNGO and have an amazing experience.